Price: GBP 2,650.00 / PLN 12,900.00
Name: 2.0 20VT Forged Engine (bare engine, no ancillaries = sump, block, head, head cover, oil pump)
Compatible with: All 2.0 20v turbo models or for swap
Age: Built 3-4k miles ago
Condition: Used, fully working, no mechanical issues
Shipping: Happy to send worldwide, so the prices will vary
Pictures: Here are some pictures of building process.
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So,I am looking to sell my forged 20VT engine. It's a matter of 2 months before I take it out of my car.

- Wossner Pistons 82.5mm
- ZRP Rods with ARP studs
- Glyco STD main & journal bearings
- Polished crankshaft (STD)
- Full Gasket kit from Elring
- Head gasket OEM
- Elring head bolts
- New rocker cover gasket
- New balance shaft bearings
- Stage 1 or 2 head - call it what you wanna call it (fully refurbed, intake and exhaust ports matched with manifold gaskets, knife-edged intake ports and polished
- Dolz water pump (metal)
- INA cambelt kit
- New rocker cover in crinkle red
- Block was fully cleaned inside out, bored to 82.5mm, honed and painted in gunmetal grey
- Sump was disassembled, cleaned and painted in gunmetal grey

I run it at 1.45b max boost and it was built in December 2016. It's covered 3-4k miles so far. Run on fully synthetic 10W60 (Xado and currently Millers). It was built by myself but don't worry - Johnny Jbt Cartlidge from Midlands Car Servicing, Joe Knight from FCSS and Leighton Wilson from FC Performance guided me throughout the building process. Naturally, every bolt was torqued according to FIAT or ARP spec and I used Plastigaue for measuring clearances + Millers assembly lube. Now, the reason I am looking to sell is... I want more capacity, so a 2.5l conversion is on the cards.

My full name: Jacek Sondaj
Self-built forged 20VT lump running GT2871R turbo, EMU Stand Alone & pushing true 350bhp & 350lbft.