Reluctantly, it's time for me to move on due to other commitments. LE No. 205, I’ve owned this car off and on for around 5 years now and had a lot of work done on her. The car is Steel Grey with the usual LE refinements. She is standard apart from a couple of tasteful upgrades, belts were changed in 2013 along with a replacement engine, 11 month’s MOT, 113,300 miles, just been serviced at same time of MOT. Oil pressure never goes below 2.5 Bar even on hot summer days. Lovely condition inside and out, this car looks and drives well.

7 Owners from new, previous owners were Forum members – RichB, myself, Paul_V and then myself again, Motormech before Rich.

PM me for any further details.

Price: £5500
Engine and model: 2.0 20v Turbo LE
Mileage: just over 113k miles (in daily use so mileage will go up)
Body colour: Steel Grey
Interior colour and material: Recaro leather black with red inserts
Manufactured in: 1998
# of previous owners: 7
MOT until 24 November 2018

Known technical issues:

This car has been registered as a CatD in July 2011 due to a side scrape being categorised as an uneconomical repair. Motormech had looked after the car pretty much fully year-on-year throughout most of its life, as can be seen by the service stamps. Paul’s customer came to the garage one day, and the car had a scrape down the side and rear bumper, so the owners insurers wrote off the car, hence it was recorded CatD by the DVLA. Paul, seeing the minimal cosmetic damage, bought the car off the owner, and repaired the car fully, and then went on to own it for about a year, did a lot of bits and bobs ready for sale… where it was then sold to RichB. I could see the quality of the repair was excellent and so this aspect did not bother me (there are quite a few of these cars being written off for small scrapes like this), but if it does concern you then look no further.

General condition in and out:

Good bits:
Full glass-out respray undertaken this year, so looks lovely apart from a couple of extremely small stone chips on the bonnet I managed to pick up rolleyes
Wheels freshly refurbed last year.
Suspension: Full suspension refresh this year putting the car back to standard shocks and springs from Alternative Autos all round.
New Sony CD/USB DAB head unit, both DAB & FM work great. Full smartphone integration including voice dial, MP3 playback, etc.
Steering stalk controls for ICE.
Central armrest.
Chrome speedo / dial / speaker rings.
Plus lower carpet extensions.
Refurbed center console.
Refurbed handbrake tunnel.
Polished cam cover.
Chrome strut brace.
Vibra-technics engine mounts all round.
New clutch fitted last year by Midlands Car Servicing.
Quick shift.
New brake compensator valve and spring.
Rear wing Pininfarina badge holes sealed (now using stick-on versions).
A-post covers and door handles powder coated, badges refurbished.
55w HIDs with matching LED sidelights.
Fully stamped Log book mostly by Motormech, Midlands Car Servicing and Woodcock Fiat/Alfa.
New original Meta Alarm system and Meta fob fitted by Motormech, so no alarm/central locking problems.
Folder of paperwork for work carried out over the years.
The LE was Stage 1 remapped in Sept 2012 up to 253 bhp by Leighton, and this map remains on the car.
Lots of interior work to improve stereo, soundproofing, etc. undertaken by Rich (all looks standard though).
Motormech stainless steel exhaust with decat (I have the cat, will be included in the sale, although I’ve gone through all MOTs without any problems).
Full silicon hose water pipe set (supplied by JBT).
New hybrid turbo fitted in August 2013 from TurboTechnics (added staggered oil seals because of decat).
Front Brembo brakes refurbed and powder coated by BCS this year along with new disks and pads.
Rear brakes refurbished and powder coated by BCS this year, new rear disks and pads, along with new handbrake cables all round.
Air-con nice and cold.
New wing mirrors fitted at time of respray.
Serviced every year with oil service every 6 months (Mobil One).

Bad bits:
Belts are due in March next year - I have this provisionally booked in February 2018, price reflects this, but will have the belts done if not sold before due (aux belts replaced earlier this year as a precaution).
Top stabiliser bar bushes need replacing, the bushes will be included with the car but again due to be sorted with the belt change in February.
Small amount of clutch judder in takeoff from low revs, only really noticeable when in traffic, this is due to stabiliser bar above.

Modifications: Flea remap, 360 degree hybrid turbo, silicon water hose kit, quick shift.


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30/10/98 Fiat - Follett of Mayfair (inspection)
17/01/00 Fiat - Abbey Mead, Surrey: 6346 miles
15/05/02 Black & White Garage, Newbury 21,195 miles
19/02/04 Alan Gibson Fiat, Basingstoke 28,882 miles
17/04/04 L&M International 29,863 miles (cambelt change)
01/04/05 L&G Auto Repair, Radstock 36,6674 miles
24/11/05 Motormech 41,835 miles
10/01/07 Motormech 49,728 miles
12/12/07 Motormech 56,908 miles
22/01/09 CRS Services 60,189 miles
19/01/10 CRS Services 63,438 miles
25/02/11 Motormech 74,003 miles
28/03/11 Motormech 74,189 miles (cambelt change)
04/01/12 L&M International 77,654 miles
03/11/12 DIY oil change 84,000 miles
15/03/13 Motormech 84,887 miles (replacement engine, turbo & cambelt change)
25/11/13 Woodcock Fiat 88,918 miles
12/11/14 Woodcock Fiat 96,978 miles
27/05/15 G & N Cars Ltd 99,891 miles
29/09/16 Woodcock Fiat 104,169 miles
30/03/17 Woodcock Fiat 108,192 miles
14/11/17 Woodcock Fiat 113,192 miles

My full name: Stephen Duke