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How To Remove 20VT Alternator

Guide Courtesy of DaveG & Skinflint

Tools needed

6mm Allen Key
"Sawn off" 8mm Allen key

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Here is a layout of the belts and alternator:

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Remove A/C compressor
- disconnect battery
- drain coolant and A/C systems (mine's empty already)
- undo A/C outlet pipe from top of compressor and release clamps holding A/C pipe next to top of radiator
- remove air inlet pipework from just after hose on intercooler outlet to just before plastic venturi section
- remove A/C inlet pipe to condenser (other end of piping from compressor)
- seal both ends of A/C pipe and connections
- remove turbo coolant outlet pipe from bottom of radiator (catch coolant in bucket, can use this location to drain whole system)
- undo lower bolts and separate A/C condenser from radiator
- undo clamp on coolant hose to top of radiator and pull hose away from radiator
- undo hose clamp on coolant hose from bottom of radiator to block and pull hose away
- disconnect radiator fan power connector (attached to back of fan housing)
- undo bolts at top of radiator which attach it to slam panel crossmember
- undo bolts at each end of radiator (long ones, with the rubber bushses) which fix condenser to radiator
- remove radiator and fans together (or if you prefer, undo the lower bolts on fan housing and remove fans first)
- undo three bolts holding guard in place on top of A/C compressor
- undo bolt holding on A/C coolant inlet pipe to compressor (the bottom one, top one already removed)
- seal end of A/C pipe
- disconnect electrical connectors on top of compressor
- remove hose from left end of coolant pipe to coolant reservoir
- undo clamp and remove hose from other end of coolant pipe where it enters the block next to exhaust manifold
- it might be possible to keep the coolant pipe attached to the bottom of the A/C compressor once hoses at each end have been removed, but with radiator out of the way it will be easy to reach the two bolts to remove the pipe
- use "sawn off" 8mm allen key to release tensioner

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- use 6mm allen to unwind the tensioner, then remove the drive belt
- undo the 4 bolt securing the compressor and remove compressor

Remove alternator
- disconnect wiring to alternator
- undo the two bolts attaching the alternator to the casting attached to the block (easier said than done, I don't know if these can be accessed at all with the engine it situ?) and remove alternator
- Removed oil cooler duct.
- Swing oil cooler out of way as the very long bolt when withdrawn hit it and prevented it to be removed