Price: for auction from £300 on eBay
Engine and model: 2.0 20v Turbo
Mileage: 139565
Body colour: Blue (Sprint I suppose)
Interior colour and material: Black leather
Manufactured in: 1997 (I think)
# of previous owners: 4 I think
Registration: S704 NDP
MOT / tax until: NO MOT OR TAX
Conditions: must be collected by buyer before 30/01/19 or will scrap.

Known technical issues:

  • Aircon not coming on (ECU or sensor problem, not mechanical).
  • Driver's side window difficult to raise (requires repeated pressing, each moving up a small amount).
  • Rear-view mirror not properly attached from windscreen.
  • Hazard lights have been known to get stuck on, but passed last MOT (2 years ago).
  • Master (brown) key does not correctly activate the immobilizer, so a FIAT warning comes up. Blue key works fine.
  • Battery drains after 2-4 weeks without use. Replaced twice due to this. Permanently installed a plug-in trickle charger to solve this.

General condition in and out:

  • Sold WITHOUT MOT AND TAX. On collection you should drive to a pre-arranged appointment for an MOT at a garage, and then tax it.
  • Starts quickly and moves fine.
  • Paintwork damaged by rust in several places on the roof (neglected by previous owners). I sanded the larger ones back to metal (none are rusted through AFAICT) and painted with protector and primer. Bought the correct blue spray (will supply with car) but have not sanded down the primer and resprayed.
  • Alloys in poor condition (see photos) for same reason.
  • Original exhaust pipe rusted off. Garage welded a replacement on (chrome, looks good, but not Fiat).
  • Two injectors failed and were replaced with second-hand ones.
  • Minor scrapes of paintwork, down to white undercoat, mostly painted over with repair pen, visible only on close examination.

Modifications: none known
Pictures: see photo album.
My full name: Chris Wilson