It is now possible for users to post images directly on the forum from your devices.

We are enabling it over most sections of the forum.

To post an image when replying on a thread click on the use full editor button.

You will then see a new screen with the usual options at the top and under the text box you will see the link to the Attachment Manager .

Click on this and another box will appear where you can either select a file to attach from your device or simply drag the image to the box.

When starting a new thread you will automatically see the Attachment Manager;

You may repeat this for up to a total of 5 files per post.

The maximum image size is 2MB per image.

A thumbnail copy of the selected images will appear in this box

When you have selected your files click done then click the Post Reply button and the chosen images will appear at the foot of your post.

Please note that clicking the Preview Reply button will not display your images.

You may still include images from a 3rd party host such as Photobucket using the imgpop function

Attached Files

16VT and X1/9 1500