Well, you can't keep a compulsive car buyer down...

The latest addition to the stable is an eye-wateringly bright orange 2008 Grande Punto Sporting with the 8v 1.9 Multijet engine. We bought it to replace the 1.3 Multijet Panda, as it is more in keeping with the new business in terms of colour (yikes!) and gains to be had from an economy remap.

Anyway, in true form, I managed to find an example with no history and only one working (non remote) key.

We were given a remote fob, but to our complete lack of surprise, it failed to spring back to life when we changed the battery (despite the assurances of the seller). When trying to start the car, the fob key turns, but brings up the key/padlock warning light, so it's literally a non-starter.

After a fruitless attempt to get Timpson's to supply and pair a new key (though they were very helpful and professional - well worth a try), I'm now a bit at a loss as to where to go next. I'm fully expecting to have my pants pulled down by Fiat, but would rather see if the Forum brains trust knows another way to get a new 3-button flip remote key. I know I'm likely to be looking at £150+, but I just can't find anyone who seems capable of doing the job!

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