Just Recently my Hazard switch wouldnt workm but at the time my indicators did work for all of one day, then they stopped working.

i have been all over the relays and fuses and nothing looks abnormal, apart from the black 7 pin relay which i believe works the indicators/hazard, so i thought that was at fault, so i got a replacement and it still doesnt work. ive looked into the solder on the board and both are ok with no cracks.

ive also tried to diagnose all the wiring but im no electrician. theres 2 4 pin connectors on the indicator stalk, the bottom 'GREEN' connector ive worked out does the mainbeams/sides/dipped, but the red connector up top has no power? so i can only presume this works left/right indicator & hazard lights, ive tried looking through the workshop manual but i cant really make sense of it all, oh and theres no power at the indicator electric plugs confused

im kind of at a loss, anyone else had this problem thats sorted it ?