Greetings, my 2.0 16v blew a HG. Coolant system is constantly pressurized and is consuming a liter of water per 100km,there are no leaks. Looking for an advice what do with the engine or what would be the easiest route. Since engine will be opened up, I plan to do some mods,but only if pistons and bores are in good shape which I still need to find out,if not im going to scrap the car.
I was thinking about this two things: since the head will be taken off, I plan to give it to a machine shop so that they can totaly regrind,port and polish and totaly refresh the head with new stems,guides tappets etc. and after everything is done I plan to put in thiner HG for an even more increase in compression. I plan to have at least 11:1 after all the job is done. Second option is to go forced induction,either a turbo from 16vt or mechanical eaton supercharger from old merc.For that I plan to just refresh the head and put in thicker HG or put in a spacer so that CR can be lower. In your opinion,what route would be safer and least expensive? I can get 16vt intake,downpipe and exhaust manifold for under 100 euros. Will I also need pistons from 16vt? I know majority of people will say just do a swap,but sadly only two complete 16vt engines I found in my country are 500km away and priced around 1000e. My friend is selling complete 20vt engine but without trans for just under 1000e but swap of that thing would cost the same ammount of money and I won't be able to register the car aka. won't be street legal