Price: £3000ono
Engine and model: 2.0 20v Turbo
Mileage: 145000
Body colour: Steel Grey
Interior colour and material: Standard black leather interior
Manufactured in: 1998
# of previous owners: 5 (6 including me)
MOT / tax until: MOT until 28 Nov 2021.

HPI clear (Checked in Nov 2020)

Looking at selling my Coupe once lockdown is eased/over, so this is more of a pre-sale advert.

I've owned the car almost 7 years, since Feb 2014 and have spent a small fortune on repair and upkeep. Due to lockdown and the issues of viewing and test driving, I'll try to put as much info about the history and parts changed during my ownership.

All work has been carried out by Joe at FCSS or my local independent garage. Or me, if it was easy!

Live mapped by Leighton at FC Performance in Feb 2020, 288bhp with printout to prove. Due to covid I haven't driven much since but she drives fantastically, excellent turn of pace and sounds epic with the blueflame exhaust. Joe and Jake were both singing its praises after completing the mot and service in November. Note - the car was mapped with a different exhaust (which is now on my new car), the replacement blueflame is straight through from downpipe, so there's no CAT now. New owner will need to sort that for next mot.
Just been serviced by FCSS with 10/60 millers oil and other OE quality parts. 3bar oil pressure on start, drops to 2.5 when hot, 2 when really really hot, jumps back to 3 as soon as revs reach 1300.

FCSS completed compression check as part of recent check over, they are a little low across the board, around 130 psi, but all within 10% of each other.
Centre console has been stripped and painted in satin black which is as close a match to standard look as I could find.

Please note this car is a 'project' and will need structural repair/welding in the next 12/24 months. This is work that was known to be required and I had every intention of completing it this year, however, I have had the opportunity to buy a new car so will be passing the baton on to the next owner. The work needed is the usual areas of the front end, and will require the front sub frame to be removed to allow access to the corroded areas. Slam panel needs repair or replacement due to corrosion.

I have had rust repairs completed to the boot floor, inner rear arches and underside completed already. This was in 2015, as such the underseal now needs redoing and there are a couple of small spots on the underside that will need welding before they get any worse. There are 2 small holes on the upper sills, at the front of the kick plates, where water has sat and worked its magic. Rear arch lips are rusty in usual place and will need repair.

When I bought the car it was sold as needing a respray, I haven't had that done, so it still needs a respray, although it does polish up nicely and there's no lacquer peel. There are small dings and scratches on most panels. From 20 feet away she looks fab.

There's bubbling under the paint around the passenger side rear window, it's not got any worse in the time I've owned the car, but will likely require a patch welded in when the bodywork is done. Bonnet seams have just started to rust and are probably saveable.

Can get a bit damp inside, chief suspect is the windscreen bonding needing to be redone. This was never really a problem as I used the car daily. However, since lockdown and getting the new car I'm not sure how this will impact the dampness. I'll be starting car, windows open heating on etc to try to keep it dry inside.

Known technical issues: Sunroof doesn't work, haven't investigated this, may do so if I get bored over the next few weeks/months. Aircon doesn't work, needs the top pipework that runs over radiator. Comes with brand new aircon condenser and dryer ready to be fitted. Alarm disconnected. Only one key and alarm fob, but I have a full lock and key set included in sale. Drivers door doesn't sit quite right, I have a bought a spare door (also steel grey) that is included in sale if you want it. You'll need something big to transport it as the doors are huge. Oil temp gauge doesn't work, this is because the car has a replacement engine from a later model that doesn't have the temp sensor. The wiring's there, but there's no sensor on the bottom of the engine. Headlining starting to sag at rear and has what appears to be cigarette burns above drivers head.

Modifications: Hybrid turbo (standard shell with 360 degree bearings, improved design billet wheel), FC Performance FMIC, drilled airbox, walbro 255 fuel pump, fuel pump wiring mod, zafira ebv, forge copy recirc dump valve. NGK 7's. Blueflame full exhaust from downpipe, de-cat. FC Performance live map. Grooved front discs. Nomad twin pod piller gauge holder, fitted with one boost gauge (Original pillar is included in sale)

Headlights colour coded and fitted with hid dipped and LED main bulbs. Rear light buckets are ink black. Colour coded sills and lower bumpers. Brembos have been painted red but are due a refurb, they still function as expected, just visually not the best.

ICE - Phillips DAB radio/CD player with bluetooth and usb connection (only if full asking price paid, otherwise negotiable). Front and rear speakers replaced with semi decent items, can't remember the make but they're not too shabby.

V5 present in my name

Service History - Limited history, no service book came with car as previous owner had left most of it behind during a split with their partner (apparently), so I'll only run through the most important of what I have had done. I have most receipts, except one or 2 for parts may have gone walkies over the years.

May 2014 - FCSS - New Valeo radiator, 2nd hand rocker cover, full manifold repair, thermostat, ecu temp sensor, silicone chod pipe - £712.86
Downpipe £80
Nov 2014 - MOT, front spring, track rod end, welding front inner arch - £240

April 2015 - FCSS - Boot floor corrosion, rear arch inner corrosion, floor pan corrosion, front inner arch corrosion, POR15 treatment, underseal, refurbished powdercoated rear subframe, borg and beck bearing kits for rear trailing arms, front and rear brake lines, front and rear discs and pads, alloy pipes to heater matrix, fuel filter, a few other bits n bobs - £3400 - See FCSS facebook page for photo album of work.

May 2015 - Clutch master cylinder, wheel bearing, oil & filter - £255
August 2015 - 2nd hand Turbo from Barnacles kit car £300. FCSS - Fit turbo, water pipes - £319
Nov 2015 - Mot, Service, drop links - £275

Nov 2016 - MOT, Service £175
Dec 2016 - OE top mounts, Monroe front & rear shocks, KYB front springs, Supplex rear springs, OE drop links - £400. FCSS to fit - £100

April 2017 - FCSS - Cambelt kit, Aux belts, pulleys & tensioners. Cam phase sensor, Brass water pump. Rear wheel bearing hub - £638
Nov 2017 - MOT, Service. wishbone. OE Front pads, Rear discs & pads (Brembo) - £500

March 2018 - FCSS - Valeo clutch, seals etc, bonnet struts £633
April 2018 - FCSS - Fit new heater matrix, various bits n bobs £200
Nov 2018 - MOT, wishbone, welding to front arch & rear jacking point - £230

April 2019 - FCSS - Service. Drop links. Fuel tank straps, FCSS crank pulley guard, OE engine mount (drivers side). - £729
Aug 2019 - Hybrid Turbo (Turbo Performance Ltd) - Stage 1, 360 bearing, Billet comp wheel - £498
Dec 2019 - FCSS to fit - Turbo, walbro fuel pump, fuel sender unit (missing receipt)

Feb 2020 - FC Performance live map - £345
Nov/Dec 2020 - FCSS - MOT, Service. Welding front arch. Gaitors. Pick up & delivery - £726

Pictures: Please note the 'Plus' wheels, exhaust, strut brace and front grill in the pictures are NOT included in the sale, the car will come with standard 20vt alloys finished in a dark grey with Falken Ziex tyres (I need to get the tyres fitted then onto the car over the next few weeks). Grill will either be standard slatted version, or OE Zender grill. Once I've got the wheels sorted and given it a clean over the next few weeks I'll update with new pictures. All the pictures are from happier times and as such are a little out of date but the car remains in similar condition to look at.

I'm happy answer any questions and to take further pictures or videos on request.
My full name: Mark Morrison

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