I’ve now had the original Bosch injectors removed from my 20VT in the autumn & tested (by AbbeyMotor sports) and 4 of them passed.

The 5th errored injector (error of which moved cylinders during my Diagnosis) also passed a cold & warm flow test but the tester couldn’t simulated the failure conditions (running in a hot engine for 60mins+) in the test environment. I’m NOT including the 5th injector in this sale as even though it passed a flow test, I’m not confident it is fully functional.

Happy to share a copy of the testing sheet with any prospective buyer - be warned it will be watermarked, to prevent it being abused (I.e someone photoshopping it then adding it to their service history), paid buyers get a copy of the original with no watermark! smile

Tester pushed through gel/medium to keep the injectors lubricated while in storage, as they had been stored in my garage after removal in the autumn (they needed a little coaxing to work initially the tester noted as they have been stored outside of the car).

Cost is £50 PER INJECTOR plus £4 UK P&P (if you buy multiple injectors, just add £1 extra postage per injector).

Payment by cash for collected items or bank transfer for posted. Sorry, no paypal / western union or any of the scammer favoured payment systems.

While these have been tested, they are sold under the strict condition of ‘Caveat emptor‘ / buyer beware - absolutely no refunds under any circumstances. Yes, you are taking a £50 per injector gamble.... it may pay off, or not, your choice.

If anyone want to read the history and diagnostics of these injectors - HERE is the forum thread where I diagnosed them.

PM me with any questions.


Price: £50 per injector
Name: 20VT Bosch Fuel Injectors
Compatible with: ‘99 2.0 20v turbo model
Age: Unknown, assume factory fit (1999)
Condition: as per above description, sold as seen / buyer beware
Shipping: £4 UK for 1st injector, £1 for every additional injector after that.
Pictures: ATTACHED
My full name: Adrian Richings

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20VT Money pit project status=starts, drives & MOTed! Happy Days.