I have unfortunately had to let my 2.0L 20v go to a new home, as after 7 months it still would not start, but the new owner is going to keep trying.
Therefore, I have my old headlight pods, which can be refurbished, but are otherwise in good condition, and four H1 LED replacement kits (bulb, power pack and connecting cable), which I only had fitted to the car for a couple of weeks, before buying refurbished headlights, and then didn't get around to fitting them again, hence I no longer have the packaging in which they came.
I will take photos of the headlights and LED kits asap and add them to this thread, but I wanted to get this in position, in case anyone was interested from the off...

Price: LEDs; £50 for all four. Headlight pods (left and right) ; £80
Name: Headlight pods and LED kits
Compatible with: All models
Age: Headlights 24 yrs, LEDs 2 yrs
Condition: Headlights, good but need refurbishing, LEDs, virtually brand new.
Shipping: Extra (tbc)
My Full Name: Kevin Ginns (Leicester)

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