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New member in Hertfordshire

Posted By: AyliCarper

New member in Hertfordshire - 11/02/2021 15:20

Hello All

Just a quick hello for a new member. I had an Electric Blue 20VNA ten or so years ago, loved it, but it didn't have an unscratched/undented/unloved panel on it. And I could never get comfortable in the seat, which I blamed on slippery leather seats.

Ten or so years later with only the good memories of it lasting, I found a very sweet Portofino Blue 20VT for sale, with fabric seats, in December 2020. The back having got a bit better (strong recommendation for Treat Your Own Back by Robin Mckenzie much better than a million painkillers/physios/accupuncturists and especially chiropractors) I couldn't resist it.

It's on 77K miles all MOTs FSH garaged pampered and recent hoses cambelt and etceteras. (Original sale ad still on Car and Classic C1292898.)

I've never had a car with such an immaculate engine bay, frightens the life out of me.

I'd bought it largely on the fact that on a test drive it wasn't playing a symphony of rattles and creaks, or at least it didn't seem to. Driving it since getting it the sunroof sounded like an irritated teacher tapping a fountain pen on a corridor window when they've seen you eating your lunch in a laboratory. It was driving me nuts. Shade open shut or in between made no difference, but the felt pads trick on here solved it. And then the gradually door lock and then close failure was solved by advice from here. Thank you!

The throttle is still doing something a bit funny, like jamming on. The return spring on the engine end was covered in what looked like set hard white grease, which mainly needed cleaning off and never having been put on in the first place. I've been driving it a bit like a 20s Rolls-Royce to compensate, and it suits that driving style alarmingly well.

You might be appalled at me driving it everywhere with the flimsiest excuse given the current weather but I've washed the salt off and, if you've never driven your car in the snow, you've never really driven it have you?

But I still can't get comfortable in the seat.

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Posted By: aust_powers

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 11/02/2021 16:05

Welcome AyliCarper!

It looks like a very tidy example, Portofino Blue is a nice subtle colour for the car and I get the impression Fabric seats are more comfortable than the leather?

I've just picked up another one as well this weekend just gone and can't wait to drive it properly.


Posted By: Edinburgh

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 11/02/2021 17:13

Hi again AyliCarper, thank you for posting the pics - she does look very tidy and well-tended. Still worth checking out the perennial areas for tin-worm once the weather improves as at this age most panel/seam resistance has weakened.

Seats - I tend to agree, and when a friend was selling off a set of Recaros I jumped at the chance. An example of the difference is that I can drive home from Joe's at FCSS, whenever I've needed to pick it up, all the way here (319 miles) without turning a hair discomfort-wise.

I also found the accelerator pedal too high so my coupé-friendly garage whipped off the assembly and bent it down a tad. I've had to remove the throttle-stop disc underneath as a result but it's a darn sight more comfortable.
Posted By: AyliCarper

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 11/02/2021 19:28

Thank you both for your responses.

I'm relieved to not be the only person who finds the seats uncomfortable!
Posted By: Master_Mariner

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 15/02/2021 13:15

I echo Edinburgh's comments.

I came across a set of recaro's- needing a full restoration at Joe's.

restored and fitted = The simple best upgrade for the coupe I think. No more back ache!

Others here have recommended other seats that do a good job. Hyundai Coupes I recall were one. A bit fiddly to fit-but worth it in my view.


Posted By: AyliCarper

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 15/02/2021 16:41

Thanks for your comments. Funny, it's felt more comfortable since I fixed the sunroof rattle!

I've got very bad memories of taking out and fitting seats - octopus wrestling might be easier. I'll keep an eye out for some Reutter Carrosseries though.
Posted By: adamjow94

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 19/02/2021 20:45

Welcome fellow Portofino coupe owner. I've never felt uncomfortable in mine but everyone is different. Looks like you picked up a decent example judging from pics but with the coupe being quite a old car now, there's bound to be a few weaker areas on any coupe that need attention.
Posted By: AyliCarper

Re: New member in Hertfordshire - 20/02/2021 07:39

I'm really glad you're not uncomfortable in your excellently coloured car!
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