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Future classics Autobild Germany

Posted By: Henklia

Future classics Autobild Germany - 09/10/2017 16:20

The Fiat coupe is also featured in this article of the German magazine Autobild
Posted By: Slugcatcher1

Re: Future classics Autobild Germany - 28/11/2017 01:16

I can't read German, but I presume this is a list of likely future classics? I find it interesting that cars like the Mark 1 MX5, Honda S2000, and Landy Defender are considered as possible canditates, when in my view they are already classics, albeit modern classics. It's also interesting to see some cars I've never even heard of - some unusual Lancias and Hondas to start with... makes me realise what cars we didn't get in the UK.
Posted By: neil_r

Re: Future classics Autobild Germany - 28/11/2017 07:57

It does seem though that they have stretched a little to make 100 cars. There are a lot of barges and anonymous cars that can never become so sought after.
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