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Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based)

Posted By: Theresa

Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 23/07/2022 21:27

Hi all laugh

I'm due to inherit some money (not sure when it'll be finalised, etc yet though), but there will be enough to sort my Coupe or get another car.

This is my dilemma:

I really like the look of the Astra VXR's, but having owned a Coupe for 16 years, I'm not really up to date on other cars. I also like the Focus ST's and RS's, but the Astra is cheaper. Seems you can get what looks to be a decent VXR for around 6K.
I know nothing about them and wondering if anyone here has had experience with them?

On the other hand, my Coupe needs a lot of work doing to it, including welding. This isn't just cosmetic work for fun, it's essential work to keep it roadworthy frown so costs involved to sort my Coupe will be around £3,500+ and it will still look crap. It has already lost it's lacquer on the boot and roof and the bonnet looks horrendous due to lacquer peel, although I have still got my old Coupe on the drive, with a better condition bonnet.

I really love my Coupe, but don't know whether to get it sorted, buy another Coupe that's been pretty much sorted or just buy a newer, more modern car like the VXR. - well, newer and more modern to me as the newest car I've ever owned is my current Coupe and it's 24 years old laugh
Posted By: Jim_Clennell

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 24/07/2022 16:19

I was just thinking how good those VXR's look the other day!
Posted By: Theresa

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 25/07/2022 20:21

They do and obviously even better in the Blue colour laugh
Posted By: Trappy

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 25/07/2022 22:05

My brother has an Arctic VXR. I've only seen it once and, although it looked smart on the outside, the interior was shockingly dated and no different to a pals much older 1.6 auto... They aren't 'enough newer' to be considered newer than a Coupé for me. I've seen other cars that might fit the bill for a little under 7 grand. Although all of these are 4 bangers, I just couldn't do the Ford thing for some reason...

Megane RS (model after the big ass one)
Mazda3 MPS (second generation)
Seat Lean Cupra 2.0
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf
Posted By: Theresa

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 26/07/2022 21:20

Out of those four, I would only consider the Mazda and the Alfa. I've never been a massive fan of Seats or Renaults frown
Posted By: Barmybob

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 28/07/2022 00:39

I'm not a huge Vauxhall fan...

Some other Options...

Volvo C30 2.4 / 2.5 R design?
Mercedes-Benz C Class
Audi A5 - TDI (Stay well away from early 2.0 petrol)
Audi MK2 TT
Peugeot RCZ
Posted By: Barmybob

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 29/07/2022 08:07

Just had a read through this guide, may prove helpful..

Piston Heads Buyers Guide

The car looks quite nice on the outside, and it certainly has performance for it's age. But, for me, that performance comes with a huge drawback - that interior. That silver centre section looks horrible and has not dated well at all, although it seems it is possible to get a radio upgrade in there.

Attached picture original_3534.jpg
Posted By: Barmybob

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 29/07/2022 08:40

Have you considered an older Ford Focus ST170?

Nowhere near as quick but they drive really well I've taken one around Snetterton and was really impressed. It should still be possible to find a really good late one one in your budget. Being a Fast Ford, it will surely rocket in price, all fast fords do! Just look at the prices that old Fiesta's are going for these days - bonkers!

You can also get them in performance blue and in two door, four door even an estate.

And an interior that's dated far better...

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Posted By: Theresa

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 29/07/2022 20:14

I don't really mind the silver centre section on the vxr and still think it looks better than a Ford dash. I have a silver one on the Coupe :D, complete with scratch marks from rubbing it down, etc laugh

Out of your suggestions, I'd probably only consider the Volvo and the ST170.

I need a practical car too, with one daughter and 3 grandkids that I take out quite a bit. Except for my daughter having to sit in the middle rear of the Coupe, so the grandkids have seatbelts, the Coupe has been great. It's also quite practical for every day use and don't think a car like an RCZ or TT, etc., would quite do the job as well.

When I was in this position with my first Coupe, I had no money to buy another car and Rob40 bought me my current Coupe and let me pay him back when I had some money, so any decisions were taken out of my hands laugh
This time, I have some choices, but it's doing my head in as I really don't know what to do.

The only newer cars I like the look of are the Toyota GT86 and the Mustang GT, other than those, I'm still pretty much old school and having had 3 Astra GTE's and an Opel Manta, as well as a normal Astra and a Nova, I'm still leaning towards a VXR laugh If I was going to get a fast Ford, it would be a Focus, as my brother has the Fiesta ST and although it's really nice, I prefer a bigger car.

Other than that, although I've always loved Sprint Blue Coupes, my ultimate would be a Black LE laugh
Posted By: Barmybob

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 30/07/2022 07:27

If practicality is required then the Scirocco might be worth a look. A mate had one of these and I was quite shocked at how spacious it was in the rear.

Also possible to get a very frugal TDI which is still quite quick.
Posted By: Barmybob

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 30/07/2022 07:42

Oh hang on. The VW and the Volvo don't have 3 seats in the back. Most modern coupes seem to be 4 seaters, even the GT86 and Mustang. So that means a hatchback may be the option to get the practicality you require.
Posted By: Theresa

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 01/08/2022 01:23

I think I'll stick with the Fiat Coupe then, it seems to be the best all rounder laugh Better the devil you know and all that laugh

I think I'll be better off spending some money on the Coupe to be honest! It's worked well for me and the family for 16 years so far laugh
Posted By: magooagain

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 06/08/2022 17:38

Take a look at Japanese options T. Cheap and good quality. Toyota everyday for me.
Posted By: Theresa

Re: Astra VXR (older type, not GTC based) - 09/08/2022 05:49

Yes, my Mum has got a Toyota Paseo, P reg, so older than my Coupe and looks brand new. No laquer peel, etc, it's mint, Really annoying to see how much mine has deteriorated compared to hers frown
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