I have owned this car since 2012 during which time it has hardly been used, and since that is likely to continue, in large part because we have three other cars in the household, I’ve decided to sell the Coupe.
Although it has not been driven much, I have however spent a fair amount of time on it adding the handling mods as well as general fettling and renewing various parts where needed among them radiator and thermostat, spark plugs, air and pollen filters, plus the cambelt (all within the last 200 miles). Oil change and filter naturally.

The structure is sound with good paintwork and no rust.

It starts and runs well. Oil pressure 2.5+ bar. Handling and braking (uprated components, see below) are both very good. The tyres are all good, no replacements needed in the immediate future.

Red key is present.

MOT is currently due in August, but I would include a 12 months MOT in the price.

The last MOT in August was passed with one advisory, saying that the front nearside brake was ‘tight’. The car had been standing in the garage for the best part of two years before this and it has now freed itself up after driving around for a few miles.

Price: £1,695
Model: 2.0 20v
Mileage: 79,800 miles
Body colour: Steel Grey
Interior: Black Leather
Manufactured: 1997
Previous owners: 3
MoT until 7th August 2019

Technical faults: The only one I’m aware of is the aircon, not working. I’ve never looked into this to find out where. All the hardwhere is still there so it should be relatively easily restored if required.

General condition outside: The paintwork is good all round, no issues. It has had a recent partial respray of the front and rear ends to tidy up various stone chips, etc. The underside has been cleaned up and rust-protected.

General condition inside: Good overall, the black leather is in good shape. There are one or two minor scuffs/marks here and there but nothing of consequence. The centre consoles have been de-gunked. There are a couple of screw holes in the left side of the lower console where a previous owner had attached some kind of hands-free kit.
The radio has been taken out – it could easily be replaced as all the wiring is still there. In its place I have a plain panel with a fan-operation warning light (see under
Modifications, below).

Koni Sport suspension
MTEC brakes
OMP strut brace
FC Performance chip
Altered electric fan operation. The electronic gubbins which should start the fan doesn’t work. A previous owner had fitted a relay and a manual switch on the dash to
run the fan. When I changed the radiator, I found that the replacement has provision for a normal screw-in temperature-operated switch (not present on the original rad) so I’ve wired this in and the fan now runs automatically as it should. For extra reassurance as you can’t necessarily hear the fan, I put a fan-running warning light in the console.

My name is Richard Morley. The car is in Waterlooville, near Portsmouth.

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