hi, so i have a low 72k mile spare engine for my plus, anyone using the spa manifolds? if so, does the turbo sit in a slightly different position? i have the engine stored at a local garage so cant just go and check where the flange will sit and having a broken leg walking is not easy even after 6 years awaiting another life changing op,

my plus floor has now rotted through on the front half, mainly around the non existent jacking points and theres a big ol dent in floor roughly around where your feet and pedals are sitting, im getting some quotes for some local places to cut out all the bad floor or the floor running the length of the car and replace with thick single or thinner double metal plating,

lastly, has anyone ever used a 20vt lump and gone true rwd? if not, why?!
that red one on youtube is amazing but that bmw lump is desgusting!
im wondering if a bmw gearbox with a welded on coupe bellhousing is possible? or whatever...?

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