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Coupé Spotting
1 hour ago
Sorry for the delayed reply but work and life has been busy.
Sounds great to me I’m always up for a pint , the fox and hounds sounds good
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Technical Issues
Yesterday at 16:34
If the immobiliser code box is a separate unit like it is on the 16v and 20v coupes then first thing to try would be pulling out and re-connecting the plugs to that unit. That's a known issue on the 20v coupe, where the immobiliser stops recognising the keys and it's just a bad connection, pulling out the 2 plugs and re-inserting them at the yellow code box (in dash above fuse box) sometimes fixes it. It can also be that the code box has crashed, often due to low battery voltage, so disconnecting the battery completely to reset everything and then re-charging it before re-connecting can sometimes fix that problem too.

The code box can also become corrupted due to low voltage, resulting in the key data not being recognised... sometimes only 1 or 2 of the stored key numbers are corrupted though, so try all available keys that you have as 1 of them may still be recognised OK and allow the engine to start.
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 15:10
Thankfully this isn't one of the coop problems I have but it occurs to me you should be able to get a larger aftermarket sunroof and fit it into the sound metal surrounding, or is it the curvature of the glass that is the problem?
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 09:40
It describes whats going on in the UK but as to why the DVLA/UK gov do not issue tickets all I got was this:

"analysis by the DfT in about 2010 which concluded that there were no net benefits for the UK in taking part in this regime.

But having decided they were unable to use EUCARIS for more serious offences, DVLA are unwilling to use it for more minor contraventions, even though this is within scope."

Which for me means it is a choice of the DVLA/UK gov.
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General Chat
Yesterday at 06:20
That's what the provisional wing of the tourist board says, too...
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 06:16
And conrods. Forgot them, but the same applies, unless there's wear at the little ends.

Edited to add: when Joe and I rebuilt my 16NA engine at 160k miles, we took one look at the cylinder pressures - better than 220psi across the board - and didn't even think about pulling the pistons or pulling the head.
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Technical Issues
19/07/2019 21:37
Cheers Neil. The place that will most likely carry out the welding (as none of us have any experience) has been very good to us generally and especially re our project car. One chap there in particular is a rare find, one who is not only skilled but interested - we have to trust him to come up with his version of the repair and tread diplomatically when making suggestions about potentially telling him "how to do his job". However it's reassuring that all the pointers in this thread are going in a similar direction.

I enjoyed Paul's antics with wires and magnets laugh
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Technical Issues
19/07/2019 17:49
Both my front windows are 'squeaking' very bad when fully up in the door frame (this isn't something that has just happened, it's become progressively worse over 3/4 years) it's now to the point where it's driving me crazy! and I find I have to open them even in Winter & wet weather!. if you open them slightly it quietens them down - but not much

I assume this is because there is more play in the plastic bushes that hold the glass onto the mechanism? and whilst the 'play' is quite bad its not horrendous in comparison to other far newer cars that don't have this problem.

Has anyone else has this? if so what did you do to quieten them down? if it is the bushes are they still available new? (or a better aftermarket option?)

Also my door cards are creaking too - didn't someone a good few years ago put a long detailed post on how to cure all the Coupe rattles & squeaks? if so I would like to find that.

I'd gladly pay good money for someone to 'de-rattle' my Coupe!

Thanks in advance
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Coupé Related Chat
19/07/2019 13:55
Halfords have changed the design of their covers, they now have a nasty plastic top section. There may be some old stock out there in some branches.

I have used a couple of earlier ones in the past, they are good but not cat scratch proof.
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Coupé Related Chat
19/07/2019 13:45
Cheers DaveG, Now I remember why I loved this forum, so much friendly advice!

I am yet to find out anymore details as to whether it's an air-con model yet, in a way i'm hoping it's not now tongue

6 197 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
19/07/2019 13:40
Does anyone follow the JayEmm on cars channel?

I think he'd like a well looked after standard (ish) example thumb
20 934 Read More
Coupé Parts for Sale
19/07/2019 11:30
Originally Posted by ScouseCoupe
PM me your paypal if its changed or not and will do a Paypal payment

PM sent
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UK Social Events
18/07/2019 15:25
Hi Pete

We will be there.

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Coupé Parts for Sale
17/07/2019 19:19
Hi. PM'd
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Technical Issues
17/07/2019 19:04
Hi Dave

Yep, it's the the one at the back. I've managed to find a used eBay one which looks ok. I'll replace the expansion cap with a new one just to be sure.


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General Chat
17/07/2019 16:56
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Coupé Projects
17/07/2019 15:45
Decided to only add the odd image from now on, because I have started shooting a motion control epic of the coupe and hopefully build from here on. Of the first 8 passes I only used one repeat - bonnet shut then open. I`m using a modular (read grafted shot by shot) (up to) 10 axis digital system so can do some interesting shots, however the space is very limited, solo set-ups not easy as supports very heavy and the background is an untidy mess. (I`m working on this)
Add fluctuating natural light and colour temperature issues it`s a miracle I only binned 2 of the shots, i`m no displeased with the others.

Got under the back end at last. Much as the car has at least 10 areas I can name which need professional repair, it isn`t as bad as my mind had painted. I also understand the construction at the boot seams now and long lasting repairs should be possible.

Only one of the brake pipes came away from the compensator, even using fluid/heat and mini vice. I removed the valve with pipes attached without doing any damage I noticed.
I had bought 2 new pipes on ebay and the quality is way better than I can achieve. Seems to lack wisdom to fit them as all four pipes in this area have either started to seep at about 15 years or have areas which are about to fail. I had planned to copy them.
I also removed the nut/washer finally from the damaged rear heat shield fixing. I think the POR 15 will hold it in place without repair.
Long story short, I don`t think there is any corrosion on the body or rails between the rear subframe so i`m going to have a go at getting it out for the refurb.
I also fitting the n/s air intake, which isn`t possible without seriously altering it of course. For that `factory` look.
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General Chat
17/07/2019 07:38

Hello Dear ,

With due respect, I am Edward Eric, I wish to share this private and
important information to you about the death of your relative , who
work here in Lome-Togo in west Africa as a contractor. Since the death
of your relative few years ago, his account here in Lome has been
dormant without claim and bank has issued me a final warnings as his
financial adviser to present his relative before the dormant account
could exceed the allowance time in the bank.

At the time of his death, his account balance is US$ 9.6 Million, Bank
legal department has just contacted me to forward the details of the
beneficiary. So I am motivated to contact you,

Further information shall be relay to you upon your positive respond.
Reply via my personal email

Kind Regards,
Edward Eric Esq
Lome-Togo west Africa
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Technical Issues
17/07/2019 07:37
Get the codes checked to confirm its the sensor, I'd also double check the timing.
6 171 Read More
16/07/2019 20:52
I have been using the yokohama AD048R as a road and track tyre and can't fault them. They are ok in the wet and very stick well in the dry, my main complaint would be that they have increased a lot in price over the last couple of years.

But I run 215/40 17 on the car not sure if they come in 205/50 15
11 808 Read More
General Maintenance
16/07/2019 19:52
If the middle mark is 90 and the max mark is 130 then the 3/4 mark must be 110. My vis has been just past the 3/4 mark on track on a hot day with no issue although I did ease off for a lap before returning to paddock.

Probably wouldn't want to turn the engine off at that temperature to avoid heat soak. When I returned to paddock I checked the temp after a couple of minutes and the temperature had crept up again. Ran the engine breifly to circulate the water and watched it come down again.
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Technical Issues
16/07/2019 17:00
No problem, hope it's a simple fix thumb
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Coupés for Sale
16/07/2019 15:20
Hi sorry for not replying however some personal issues have kept me preoccupied.

Yes I still have these cars and so far haven’t shifted them. They are now listed on eBay as they need to go and if not gone by end of the month I’ll have to strip and get rid. I’m leaving the property where I am just now and have nowhere to store going forward so needs must.

Tried selling on the Facebook group to no avail and would much prefer someone to take them who would try save them however my needs are such they need to go
4 1,339 Read More
UK Social Events
16/07/2019 09:50
Originally Posted by Rob40

I just thought it was a bit late for the campers to still be snoozing in their tents so a customary wake-up alarm was called for laugh

Let alone the ensuing dust storm that was about to engulf them laugh
16 649 Read More
16/07/2019 00:07
Originally Posted by mike18
Thank for your help, will look into both.

Flexible available from B&M : with a 2 Year Warranty.

If so can be got on the bay for :
17 1,667 Read More
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