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Yesterday at 20:54
Hi all,
injector replaced and engine oïl renewed, the car seems to be ready for the Journey.
Thanks Rob40 and Markopolo for your help.
Am i the only one to stay at the Atlantic?
275 17,235 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 20:41
Originally Posted by Submariner
Lovely blue, have to say it looks a bit like the pearlescent Trophy Blue on my MG TF shocked

And mine!
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Technical Issues
Yesterday at 19:50
Update / report.
The car's been back for a week, I wanted to drive it for a few days before getting back.

The car is running perfect!
Spark plugs have been changed, to NGK Laser LPG1
ICV and throttle body have been cleaned.
Cables to coils are in good condition. Coils were not changed.
A small boost leak has been found and patched - small cut on the air hose before plastic pipe that goes to throttle body.

Cold starts are "by the book" - revs to 2k, drops to 1200rpm for a minute or two, settles to around 800rpm.
Warm/hot idle is smooth, 800rpm, dead stable.
Hesistany to throttle when cold is almost gone.
Could be placebo, but I think car is also much smoother when warm. In all situations - part throttle modulation is better, pickup to throttle variation is immediate, acceleration is stronger.
Boost leak didn't help, but I think it was mostly down to the spark plugs.
I've started this thread because I initially discarted spark plugs - I thought the car had Iridium plugs installed during engine rebuild (2y / 25.000km ago), but it was fitted with Denso standard plugs (model K20TT).

* spark plugs fitted are NGK Laser LPG1 (n.1496), because it was listed by spare parts catalogue as a replacement/upgrade over "standard" BKUR6ET.
I would have been happier if they fitted BKUR7ET (n.7873) or Iridium BKR7EIX (n.2667), as per Fccuk recommendation, but the garage only asked me on the phone if I want std. or Iridiums.
NGK Laser LPG1 were 40% more expensive than BKR7EIX.
I hope there souldn't be any issues down the line, on a 20vT engine?
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Coupés for Sale
Yesterday at 14:55
Scotty said "you can't change the laws of physics"
Nigel has with his car!

I went up and and saw Nigel and his car yesterday. What can I say? The way his car handles and goes around corners defies logic. It's immense!

I have fallen in love with the 5 pot burble all over again. Great handling and awesome acceleration but a normal coupé when you want.

Hopefully my car sells soon before someone else grabs a super coupé.

Just a bit of body work and it will be A1.

Thank you for demonstrating your car Nigel. Hope to see you soon.

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Coupé Spotting
Yesterday at 13:30
Churchtown ?
320 176,846 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 12:35
I would do a deal on mine for a left hand drive and take it to my house in Spain but if they are fetching a higher price then that’s that idea out the window
48 2,283 Read More
General Maintenance
Yesterday at 12:29
Thanks for that i was using the other 3 pin connected behind the battery/fuses .
2 94 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
18/05/2019 20:54
Never even knew these existed! - Nice motor
14 454 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
18/05/2019 13:54
Oh no, don't mention them, they are grim laugh

We have had a couple of discussions with public pool operators giving them feedback that international tourists do not like "smugglers" . Interestingly enough they know and also appreciate it is costing them money in lost business but they also know a certain sector of their community will do a days work in swimming boxers and then go to the local pool shocked rolleyes
17 293 Read More
Technical Issues
18/05/2019 11:23
The 23x2mm seal fits below the 15.6mm connection at the high pressure side, top right of the pic. You can see that the 15.6mm part is a bolt on "adapter", when you remove the adapter from the top of the compressor you'll see the 23mm seal below (at the thin black line just below where the arrow is pointing at the compressor). That's where it leaks, but if you don't know there's a seal under there it looks like the 15.6mm high pressure port seal is leaking 'cause the leak detection dye will be around the high pressure port. It looks like the leak is between the pipe and the adapter part the pipe fits into, but it's actually between the bolt on adapter and the top of the compressor.
18 1,196 Read More
General Chat
18/05/2019 10:05
‘They’ know due to something called a ‘potential household member’ report. The speeding ticket doesn’t affect current policy cost but it does on renewal and that’s where the premium might be different. If you don’t declare (having signed to say you agree the terms) then you can get stung. The amount of data insurers have access to is quite frightening really. Although Clearly not in your case, they use the data to catch out those who deliberately lie to get reduced premiums, and we all suffer as a result.
4 164 Read More
General Maintenance
18/05/2019 07:28
Thanks Joe.

I will try to work on that once I get the car back from the garage.
10 353 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
18/05/2019 03:37

Cheers for your replies everyone. I think this Punto has the same t-jet petrol engine as the Alfa Jiulietta and Mito. It has very lively acceleration. Two reviews I read said the steering was disappointing, that you can't "feel" where the wheels are. I don't know why this would matter? Unless you are planning to do rally driving? I love the blue, most of them were white or red, which would have been OK but the blue is very nice.

My Mum is 94 and she has been so worried about me owning a Coupe, a "racer" as she calls it. "Mum, just because it's capable of 130 doesn't mean you won't stick to 70", I have said so many times. She was so pleased about me having a little hatchback. Then I mentioned the fact that it was designed by Maserati and that it is turbo charged ...

I appreciate so much all the Coupe tips and advice I found on here, from buying a motorbike part for the petrol cap seal, to putting the water cap back on carefully so it won't get cross-threaded and leak, to how to fix the boot catch.

I am saving up for a Plus.
4 217 Read More
Technical Issues
17/05/2019 23:43
Yeah, the A/C hoses/pipework. I'll get some more details when I pick the car up.
11 236 Read More
UK Social Events
17/05/2019 20:26
Great news Pete thumb
1 74 Read More
Technical Issues
17/05/2019 14:18
On my 96 20vt it's a half-turn, but on my mate's W VIS it's a quarter...
7 198 Read More
General Chat
17/05/2019 09:10
Originally Posted by Begbie
Originally Posted by Jim_Clennell
We don't need the last word in technological sophistication

Insert standard quip about Jim and technology hehe

I would have inserted my own, but I don't know how...
4 118 Read More
Coupé Spotting
17/05/2019 06:05
Electric blue Coupe spotted on A339 heading for Basingstoke, just outside Newbury near Greenham Common. I have seen it before, parked outside Trinity school when evening football practice was on. It is in immaculate order and I think it is a Plus.
1,239 1,142,147 Read More
General Chat
17/05/2019 05:08
Hi Whatmore - and thanks for the advice. In the end I went for the Olympus above (the E-M10 mk2). I got it new, bundled with a zoom lens for around £450 from Jesspos. So far, it has been everything MrsC wanted, so job done!
9 587 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
16/05/2019 18:19
Yep looks like a decent car. It's a shame they're not worth much still.
1 137 Read More
General Chat
16/05/2019 14:59
If it makes you feel any better I was only getting an absolute max of 6.8 upload in Edinburgh until 6 months ago when I forked out another few quid for about 25-30...
21 729 Read More
Coupé Parts for Sale
16/05/2019 14:56
rolleyes bad luck....
4 460 Read More
Coupé Spotting
15/05/2019 07:22
Andy -I think that would be Mark smile
1,267 906,838 Read More
Technical Issues
15/05/2019 06:54

All fuel related relays no longer click constantly
Rad fans cut in with ignition on then the top yellow relay clicks and they cut out
Attempts to run but then continues to turn over
Plugs are wet so I'm getting fuel
After turning ignition on last night there was a loud pop/bang from the rear right hand side of the car

I'm really stumped on this so any help would much appreciated
1 129 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
14/05/2019 16:36
Looks like it's made a reappearance at £6k - originally asking c£3.5k.

Although you can't see the plates how many one owner 75k near mint yellow 16V's based in Oxfordshire can there be?

2 345 Read More
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