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General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Heating Pressure Loss by Jim_Clennell @ 13 minutes 9 seconds ago

Sounds like a nightmare, but also very exciting!
UK Social Events
Jump to new posts Re: Central Scotland monthly meet by Alan_K @ Today at 02:59

Both dates work for me
Buying Advice
Jump to new posts Re: T383CRG by Alan_K @ Yesterday at 23:44

Good to hear Good luck with it
Alarm and I.C.E
Jump to new posts Re: Speaker upgrade - tweeters report, rear question by gturcic20vT @ Yesterday at 22:30

Originally Posted By avtokratorI strongly suspect the sound quality problems come from the factory supplied filters, these are majorly designed to work with power amp. Try to avoid them and see if there is positive difference. I don't know if I mis
UK Social Events
Hi guys and galls Just got home after a long day, glad to hear everyone got home safe and sound. As always, its a great pleasure for myself and the gang to see you all again over the Christmas period. The staff always look forward to you coming for
General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Help - household audio - I am clueless (ish) by jonnyboy54321 @ Yesterday at 20:30

they actually look quite good avtokrator
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Which engine mount? by godders @ Yesterday at 15:53

Squeaking can also be top mounts - just to add to the confusion
General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Free money! by DaveG @ Yesterday at 13:27

Rtd. Gen A. <> From The Desk of The Minister, Federal Ministry of Interior, Internal and Foreign Affairs Aso Rock Villa Abuja, Nigeria. Dear Beneficiary, Your Contract Inheritance/Compensation payment has be
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: difficult to fit a new front brake pipe? by renault @ 15/12/2018 18:19

well I finally got a pipe bender and a flaring tool and re terminated the offending pipe and all is well. There was enough excess of pipe allowing me to re-terminate and re-shape the routing. A good job done. now only the f**ppin airbag light remains
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Two videos for your viewing pleasure by JKD @ 15/12/2018 14:48

Was Chris Bangle Actually a GENIUS? The £2000 Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo *ROCKETSHIP*
Other Cars and Vehicles
Jump to new posts Re: Wanted: 225hp Mk1 Audi TT coupé under £4k by Jim_Clennell @ 15/12/2018 12:14

Not Jag 2 exactly. It's going to be used as a promotional vehicle for our various brands... So, it *may* end up looking a bit like a racing car with sponsorship decals...
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Floating discs at last by DaveG @ 15/12/2018 10:53

Forum member wink seems happy with them
General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Honda and my fingers by MeanRedSpider @ 15/12/2018 10:47

I tweeted them - what H&S accounts would you recommended? HSE?
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Possible Sprinty Plus breaking by Tim16V @ 15/12/2018 08:04

It's even got an MoT - albeit some welding looks necessary.
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: fuses under the bonnet by H_R @ 14/12/2018 18:06

Yes tried to get oem replacements so i could stack them as per original, but couldnt. I have now ended up replacing with a maxi fuse holder and fuse, so now "hopefully" less chance of overheating due to larger contact area on the fuse part
Non-UK Events
Jump to new posts Re: 25 Years of The Coupe - Turin 2019 by barnacle @ 14/12/2018 17:42

Thanks Giorgio
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Window Glass removal by Edinburgh @ 14/12/2018 14:32

Well I had a look through the list, twice - but not each individual one... In fact the issue has been solved, bearing in mind I am "here" and the hands are in Orkney There is a white plastic cone-shaped bit I think held on with a hex b
Other Cars and Vehicles
Jump to new posts Re: Daily runner suggestions by bezzer @ 14/12/2018 10:34

I had a 330i Coupe for a while. Reliable, pretty quick, thirsty but as dull as ditchwater.
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Key-cutting by Edinburgh @ 14/12/2018 09:20

Thanks chaps, discovered to my surprise a place has just opened up along the road from me that'll do it for £15 as I'm supplying the blank
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: (Very) Squeaky Windows! by Edinburgh @ 14/12/2018 00:04

Originally Posted By Brilly1ukIt might just be the cold, but my driver's side window has started to be reluctant to go up. Will try the silicon method at the weekend. I had to read that twice before I saw the words "side window"
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Door locking mechanism by Edinburgh @ 13/12/2018 21:32

I've refurbished the lock barrel on my mate's Porty so the ignition key fits..... yes, it's never worked with the key! I suspect the door was changed complete with lock at one stage. A bit of fiddling with the brass leaves inside the barrel and
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Starting problems by magooagain @ 13/12/2018 20:33

I have had a screech on start up ever since I've owned mine,starter solinoid etc for sure.
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Favour required by Robfow @ 13/12/2018 19:50

Found a scan I was sent ages ago, uploaded here That any use?
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Interior fan resistor location by H_R @ 13/12/2018 18:22

The new resister you have looks like the one on my Radiator that slow's the fan when the ac is on!
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Coupe Transplant project by Nigel @ 12/12/2018 20:42

Originally Posted By JKDNigel, what do you reckon is the most mileage that you personally could get out of a totally standard daily driver Coupe, if you were given one with zero miles, right out of the factory? Do you think double the above mileage
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