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#1608740 - 30/09/2017 22:28 I could do with a good rant
Jef_uk Offline
I need some sleep

Registered: 26/05/2008
Posts: 2742
Loc: watching the watchers
Some people are not nice.


(I am yet to hit anyone; not hit the someone). The staff are all great no faults there.

Tomorrow I will spend more time in a hospital, and I have to say there are some outstanding individuals such as the bloke who got us a little cup of water for the wee-un.

Or the people who had been through the same thing who were doing their best to keep chins up.

While that is not a rant it still feels better. I would rather think of all the good people.

So thanks to

  • Paramedics
  • Nurses
  • radio theropy
  • random patients
  • Nana
  • Lal-uns mum
  • Doctors
  • Bloke(staff) with a beaker, seriously Big Props the lal-un needed a drink!

On another note big props for the young burn victim who was an inspiration. 6 years old or there abouts. in pain but being very brave.

Edited by Jef_uk (30/09/2017 22:29)
cry Jack

#1608746 - 30/09/2017 23:24 Re: I could do with a good rant [Re: Jef_uk]
Edinburgh Online   content
Club member 225
Je suis un Coupé

Registered: 04/03/2007
Posts: 9960
Loc: Auld Reekie
A well-deserved vote of thanks Jack.....dare one ask if you are receiving their good attention for a reason and if you are improving?

So there, Photobucket...

#1609085 - 06/10/2017 22:54 Re: I could do with a good rant [Re: Jef_uk]
Jef_uk Offline
I need some sleep

Registered: 26/05/2008
Posts: 2742
Loc: watching the watchers
No my niece fell down the stairs.

She is at that "RUN!" toddler age with no idea where she is going. My sisters house has no landing shocked the rooms open onto the stairs and the one time there is now barrier she is off! literally there is no landing between the two ups!
Shes OK but of cause, the ex has to be told and immediately creates a seance. His Idea of parenting is a talking Elmo and to as far as we can tell ( no one talks frown ) strap the lal-un down. They had two rockers and the lal-un's hobbies include climbing in an out of the one at Nan's house and saying "Oh?" before escaping and giggling. then running about. She is tall for her age. And always hungry frown

I need to take up pressies for people, taken miniature heroes in to our local ambulance and minor injuries but have an A&E and an Children's ward to visit. To strike an opposition to her ex bad mouthing them. Really they cant be faulted. Everyone; inc. other parents; was trying to help rthe laluns Mum calm down about the whole thing.

My niece's parents are both on the birth certificate, He got his surname down as the lalun's and miss-spelled her middle name; my welsh Nans who was named by here dad who was in Loraine, France.

That pisses me off the controlling (insert for letter word).

The lalun comes back to mum every Thursday, ravenous. Nan takes then to lunch and shopping Thursday and then Friday afternoon we all get together, I show up some time after 5PM. That's time for second dinner and bath time.

Saturday I'm baby sitting while Mum teaches extra maths in the morning then cook dinner in the afternoon. Nan baby sits Sunday while extra maths again then over to Nan's for Sunday roast.
All the while we are feeding the lal-un.

His exes had him as controlling B* and before he move in with my sister he was living out of a van I should have introduced him to a lake bed before he got her knocked up. evil

To explain who the ex is and what the (four letter word) is like:

He was kicked out by his dad aged 16 and lived in a friends shed
His mum abandoned him as a kid

He and his Mum pressured my sister into having an abortion or at least tried

He kicked off when He was told that he had to get a job when she went on maternity leave to pay for the three bedroom house my sister paid for.

He forced my sister to have the laluns surname as his

He has his share of custody the lalun gets ill.
Phones hospital
Is not treating her Eczema
Tells the doctors she has bruises (Eczema) from my sister
doctor says " she has Eczema are you f-ing stupid she even has a prescription!"
tells the hospital "that he has sole custody and my sister cant have her" All lies
My sister is told she cant take her out of the hospital
My sister has melt down as a doctor tells her she cant take her daughter home, any parent can probably relate to that imagan being told that you cannot be left alone with your own kid and that that if you remove her the police will be called. Where the F* is he? getting his cock wet some place else (four letter word)

Him and his dad are using the sodding Freemason hand shake to have people do what they want.

OK that may actually be a rant.

At some point I'll have to play some cards but i want to make sure the rope will be long enough to snap necks.

Edited by Jef_uk (06/10/2017 23:08)
Edit Reason: dhou again
cry Jack