hi all

i've gained some good info on the coupe security from here but have a basic query and would appreciate advice from those who know more than i !!

car is an R plate 20VT with what i now know is a scorpion alarm. it has never responded to the fobs and this has become one of those jobs that i'll get around to eventually.

it seems that i have a kind of functioning alarm but it's a bit all over the place. no random siren or alarm soundings but the LED is permanently lit and i hear the relay clicking when the motion sensors are activated (pretty much constantly when in the car). i read on here that the key switch in the glovebox merely silences the sounder and does not disable the system on a scorpion so even though i have the keys that seems to be unavailable to me as a short term get around.

i will now be out of the country for the 12 weeks and i'd like to avoid any alarm problems such as i've read about, seemingly caused by flattened car batteries or jump starting.

when i return i will need the car pretty much immediately and wonder if disconnecting the battery when i leave will be enough to ensure that all will be functional on my return or am i missing something ?

storage/security is not an issue when the car's unattended so i have no concerns about this "strategy"

thanks for looking