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#1621371 - 05/06/2018 05:56 It's an ill wind ...
AnnieMac Offline
Club member 1580
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 15/04/2013
Posts: 1015
Loc: Berkshire
It's an ill wind that has a silver lining ... Or something.

I was badly bitten by a massive dog at my local park. A caucasian ovcharka best suited to protecting sheep and shepherds from wolves and bears. They can weigh 14 stone and have the longest teeth of any dog.

I don't recommend this as an experience, BUT ... if I get compensation (no win no fee) I will be able to pay for all the jobs that need doing on my Coupe!!!

By the way, in 20 days my Coupe eBay ad had 1,005 views and 49 watchers. I had two offers but one was £900 and the other was £1,000. I declined.

#1621374 - 05/06/2018 08:49 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
Edinburgh Offline
Club Board member
I AM a Coop

Registered: 04/03/2007
Posts: 10060
Loc: Auld Reekie
Sorry to hear of this painful experience Annie, the main thing is you heal up properly with no adverse effects - then you can think about your coop smile

So there, Photobucket...

#1621378 - 05/06/2018 12:26 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
Master_Mariner Offline
Club member 583
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 16/09/2007
Posts: 412
Loc: Freedom
Very sorry to hear of your misfortune,

Maybe this is showing that your coupe is destined to stay with you?

Best wishes for full and speedy recovery,


#1621380 - 05/06/2018 13:50 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
G_Man Offline
Club member 1656
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 16/03/2006
Posts: 760
Loc: Warrington
Blimey what a nightmare and hope you're on a speedy recovery shocked Was it out of control and what did the owner say? Police involved?

#1621410 - 05/06/2018 22:29 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
cyborg7 Offline
Club member 1400
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 05/12/2008
Posts: 792
Loc: Kent
well, once you're bitten by the coupe bug...

#1621426 - 06/06/2018 00:12 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: cyborg7]
Theresa Offline
La Presidentessa
Forum Fossil

Registered: 04/06/2006
Posts: 22752
Loc: North Wales
Sorry to read about the dog bite frown I hope the owner was apologetic and realised the dog should have been on a lead! Although probably not in both instances rolleyes

It's good news that you may be able to keep your Coupe though smile

#1621429 - 06/06/2018 07:03 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: Theresa]
Possum Offline
My life on the forum

Registered: 19/12/2005
Posts: 1547
Loc: Brisbane, Australia
Sorry to read of your misfortune Annie.

I expect that the dog was destroyed, as that is what would happen here in Oz.

Hope you are successful in your claim.

#1621431 - 06/06/2018 07:31 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
neil_r Offline
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 16/08/2007
Posts: 770
Loc: Germany
Oh! That is not good news. Hope you get better soon.

Just looked up that dog breed and it looks to be a major handful to own and very risky to be caught near frown

#1621456 - 06/06/2018 14:33 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
AnnieMac Offline
Club member 1580
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 15/04/2013
Posts: 1015
Loc: Berkshire
Oh you are all so sweet! Thank you for your lovely messages.
Yes, police are involved but the dog is still alive. It barked at my son from their garden yesterday. The owner has been absolutely horrible. Accused me of lying. No apology. The dog was running free but mine had been clipped back on at the time of the attack. We were sitting down on a bench to give the ovcharka's walker (her daughter) a chance to catch up and clip it on. The dog has no recall and can't be restrained by one person. My son had to help her to pull it back. The really chilling thing is that it came around behind us to attack, as if it instinctively knew our most vulnerable side. My bruises are fading and there is no infection in the wounds as I had penicillin, and also a tetanus shot. But I will have scars. The worst part was my 93 year old Mum crying when I told her about it. I could have lost an arm or could have been killed actually, if it had got an artery I might have bled to death. The ambulance did not arrive for 3 hours, then I waited 3 and a half hours at A&E. Thanks, Tories!

#1621855 - 15/06/2018 09:27 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
dante giacosa Offline
Club member 1447
My life on the forum

Registered: 25/05/2012
Posts: 1853
Loc: Going North on the A9
good heaven's what a HORROR story

I do not understand how people cultivate the 'ownership' of creatures which are beyond their control. Don't get me wrong; there's a context to everything, but if you live within a community, you have a responsibility to protect other people from your own choices, I would say.

I hope your recovery leaves you completely fixed Annie and ready to rejoin team-VIS.

[On a more mercenary note; did you get pictures of your injuries (NOT for the forum- thank you), but for later in the pursuit of your compensation claim?]

#1621953 - 18/06/2018 08:09 Re: It's an ill wind ... [Re: AnnieMac]
AnnieMac Offline
Club member 1580
Enjoying the ride

Registered: 15/04/2013
Posts: 1015
Loc: Berkshire
Yes, police told me to take photos, so I did, for them and for the no-win-no-fee people.

Yes, it is incredible that such a powerful and "naturally aggressive" dog, does not appear to have had ANY training whatsoever. They are supposed to have a command to immediately stop an attack. I don't think this one even knows "Sit"!