Hi Folks, I have not driven my 1998 60k miles 20V Coupé since 2008. The body work is in good condition, has a few marks but no serious rust or damage. The engine will always start but needs work, blowing smoke. Car has been covered most of the time since 2008.

My intention was to keep the car and get her back on the road when I retired. Now that I have retired I unfortunately cannot do the work. The smoke is coming from either perished valve seals due to the car not being used for almost 10 years, or a bit more serious as oil pressure dropped of last time I started her in January this year.

This would make a great project for someone, a good condition low mileage car (Steel Grey) with new clutch and belts changed not long before being put off the road. I have tons of documentation to show how well the car was looked after. There are also some modifications including Scorpion StAinless Steel exhaust, Novitec chip, cross drilled discs etc.

So.... I have reluctantly decided to sell her so that someone can save her and get some fun from fixing and driving her. But I have no idea of the value - any thoughts?