Price: £500, no offers
Name: OSRAV adjustable shocks with Eibach springs
Compatible with: all 20VT and 16VT models
Age: Recently refurbished
Condition: Used
Shipping: UK about £25, EU about €28
My full name: Jack Sondaj

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For sale very rare and probably the best road/track setup for 20VT/16VT money can get you - a set of adjustable OSRAVs with Eibach springs. You can have them on soft setting for the road and then go to hard setting for the track, etc. Awesome! Only reason I am selling is that my Coupe is more track focused than road and I needed top mounts with camber to achieve more negative camber, so bought coilovers. Otherwise, I wouldn't be selling them.

Fronts were refurbished late last year to factory spec, so as good as new. Springs were purchased new this year around April. You can have them with less than a year old top mounts and bearing assembled as pictured but... two threads in top mount are scored, so what I did was I used longer bolts and then nuts under the mounts to tighten them (hope it makes sense).

Self-tuned and forged 20VT, GTX2867R gen.II, Ecumaster EMU lack Stand Alone, Bosch 625cc, TRE FMIC.