1.8 16v SE (Y2K)

2000, and Fiat decided to cease production. The end of manufacturing, the start of a classic. After almost 7 years, the last Coupe's were still being constructed by hand in the Pininfarina factory.

And so we have the final chapter: the 2000 Special Edition. Unfortunately, Fiat didn't invest any additional effort in something that beats all the rest in terms of performance, but with the 1.8 16v as a basis, it offered an edition that was both affordable and elegant. New wheels, silver honeycombe grille, LE style grey coloured items like the headlamp mountings, front grille, dashboard console, new seats with sidebags, BBS wheels,... and a special light blue colour was added to the sample page.

It was a truely sad parting. The top versions were real dreamcars, the base versions brought great compromise between comfort, sportiness and cost. It's up for the classic course now, and we'll see prices drop fast, then coming up again to a very decent level.

Will Fiat once come up with a worthwile replacement? Nothing is planned. They're going back to small city cars and handy affordable family transport. We'll see what the future will bring. Fingers crossed and congratulations to all the people who own a Fiat Coupe. It's an amazing car!

1.8 16v SE specs

 1.8 16v
Engine displacement1747 cm³
Compression ratio10.3 : 1
Power96 kW
130 bhp
6.300 rpm
Torque164 Nm
4.300 rpm
Turning circle10.3
Brakes257 mm
240 mm
Weight1.180 kg
Topspeed205 km
128 miles
0-100 km/h**
9.2 sec
Leather interioryes

* Acceleration figures measured carrying 2 people + 20 kg luggage.
** Equals 0-62 mph.


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