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Non-UK Events
24 minutes ago
sent to all participants, the whatsapp message of the final program. If you haven't received it, write me your mobile number including your country

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Coupés for Sale
38 minutes ago
Oggy oggy oggy, oi oi oi!
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Other Cars and Vehicles
1 hour ago
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Today whilst taking an enthusiastic drive in the RS I blurted this out... "I hate to say this Trish but this car is better than the Coupé in almost every way"

Initially this statement seems really harsh, kind of like taking a pee on all my happy Coupé memories. But it really isn't that simple. I absolutely loved my Coupé and I am sure for the rest of my days the Coupé will stand as the best bang for buck car of my life. When I bought my Coupé it was a modern stylish 2+2 Coupé and was almost as good as the best car I had ever owned at that point - the Audi Quattro. I didn't have the Quattro long. It was hideously expensive to buy, run and almost impossible, for a young fellow, to insure so it had to go, replaced by a watered down Coupé Quattro. The little Fiat Coupé gave me almost everything the old Quattro had but brought stunning Italian (American) design flair to the party.

I kept the Fiat far longer than I initially expected and often said I would keep it forever. Sadly as we both aged I realised I didn't really want a classic and with Audi sticking a Turbo charged 5 cylinder back in the mix it was kind of written that I would make an Audi return.

So back to my statement. "Better... almost every way" Let's not forget I'm comparing a car with probably one of the best engines of recent years, up to the minute tech, an amazing chassis and a hideous price point, to a 20 year old Fiat Coupé. My old Quattro was fabulous but surprisingly a little Fiat was, for me, better in many ways. It has then taken a car as epic as the TTRS to better the Fiat. Sadly I don't ever see Fiat doing anything like the Coupé again. I seriously doubt that in 15 - 20 years time some chap is going to be buying a fast Fiat that is offering a fabulous soundtrack wrapped up in a stunning and unusual Coupé body frown
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UK Social Events
2 hours ago
I have booked too. 9 spaces left now
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UK Social Events
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by bobbyboy
How did this go everyone? Any pics?

Was quieter than last year with both cars and visitors, the lack of cars was a bit disappointing but fewer people was nice. Got to have a little wander around and the weather was decent.
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Technical Issues
2 hours ago
Pull the pipe off the turbo output and block it, then start the engine and it'll suck all the air out of the intake pipes and collapse them, then stall. You can then hear where the air is getting sucked in if there's a leak, as the pipes take shape again.

I'd also fit a boost gauge if you don't have one, will be very useful to know actual vacuum level and what the boost is doing when it misfires. You can even just plumb it in temporarily with hose tee'd in at the FPR, pipe in the driver's window and gauge taped to the dash.
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11 hours ago
Nice project,hopefully will be alive one day. Do you think stock 2.0 16v internals can handle 0.4-0.6 bars if I lower the CR,to around 9:1 ?
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Coupé Related Chat
13 hours ago
Thanks, just replied to your last email, looking forward to meeting you on the 14th thumb
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Other Cars and Vehicles
14 hours ago
Have had a couple of Mitos and liked them. Only problem was the heater fan variable speed resistor failed on the first one after 3 years - not a big deal. Otherwise both totally reliable. Currently have a 1.4 95bhp Mito in the family - it would be a fine first car, plenty quick enough and very nice inside.
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Coupé Related Chat
15 hours ago
Extremely expensive on EPR
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Alarm and I.C.E
Yesterday at 08:16

Can the above pdf be hosted on FCCUK ? In case Dropbox
Changes it’s terms or link format

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UK Social Events
15/06/2019 13:33
Yes mate, i may have one that works instead of turning up in a 'ringer' lol
47 3,731 Read More
UK Social Events
15/06/2019 13:12
Great news Pete. I'm definitely interested.
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General Chat
15/06/2019 10:42
New player in the market. Euphy. Reviews look good, local or cloud storage options and battery life 1 year. Compare favourably to Netgear Argo but cheaper and fewer issues.
30 2,084 Read More
How To's
15/06/2019 08:05
0 109 Read More
14/06/2019 15:27
Originally Posted by GrahamL
Just use sikaflex or tigerseal or whatever, no need for screws at all. I'd drill a drainage hole at each end of the underside though.

Many thanks for the reply Grahamthumb

I did. Test fit, but there seems to be a fair gap to take up. I thought maybe by using screws each end, it would take up the space.
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Coupé Projects
14/06/2019 14:19
Well, after a delay of some months, not helped by moving-house, family commitments, private-vendettas, alien-invasion, brexit and suchlike, work finally resumed work on the Project-Car last Tuesday.
The primary objective has always been to restore braking-functionality in some form, and we are tangibly close.
Handbrake cables were replaced (not without issue) last year, and the rear callipers refurbed & new pads fitted. All (bar one) brake lines were remade also, but outstanding work remained on the front callipers, which have recently been completed. (delay caused by myself)

Tuesday afternoon saw something of a Coupe-fest, in that as an entré, we investigated the appearance of a hitherto unknown sprint-blue VT which has appeared locally, and also attempted a bodyshop-quote for one of our number, who's Portofino car has suffered a misfortune.

First task on the car, was to install the NS front calliper back on the hub, and to join it to the incoming brake flexible with the remade S-hardline. New securing-clips were hammered onto the flexible line mounting points on the hub and inner wing, and we then discovered we had the wrong brake pads and so couldn't fit them.

click to enlarge

Thanks to the generosity of others, we have assimilated (as they say in Star Trek) a couple of sets of brand-new & boxed Coupe front brake-pads; all of which are incorrect.
Furthermore we discovered we've lost the calliper spring-&-two-pins that each side uses to secure the pads.

click to enlarge

Undeterred by these trifling details, we refitted the road wheel and lowered the NS side of the car to the ground for the first time in 'some' months. Much creaking ensued as the replaced NS lower wishbone and anti-roll bar drop-link started to earn their money. The door functionality certainly felt better for the presence of ground under the wheels.

click to enlarge

Working on the OS front, a repeat prescription was in order, but with the addition of the painting Hammerite onto the incoming brake hardline, from the engine bay, as it is the sole remaining original line. Interestingly, during an attempt to replace this line last autumn, it was observed that passing along the rear of the engine bay (as it does) it must have been fitted, BEFORE any of the A/C or clutch pipework was added during production. This line really is pinned to the firewall.
A recent conversation with a specialist revealed that it is effectively 'never' replaced.

click to enlarge click to enlarge
The OS road wheel was added and the car lowered to sit on all four wheels.

The car was then engaged in reverse gear, which without the presence of the clutch slave cylinder, is something which nods to race-car credentials, as you just have to go straight-in! Then the NS side was jacked 'high', and axle-stands were added front & back.
The final remaining brake hardlines running from the front to the rear of the car were added in.

click to enlarge
A complication for the removal or refitting of these lines is where they pass over the exhaust before the rear brake-compensator. Some exhaust 'slack' can be gained by removal of the two M8 13mm hex bolts which secure the combination handbrake reaction-point & mid-box hanger to the underside. 'One' then has to pull the exhaust down onto one's chest to gain space above it, to thread the lines across.

click to enlarge
This task has been hanging over us (literally) for some months and so it was good to finally confront it.
Although significant effort was made to pattern-match our re-made front-to-rear lines from the originals, and great care was made with documentation, in the final throes, it seemed more ambiguous than I had hoped for in the match-up with the lines from the rear brake compensator.
Legacy documentation will confirm whether we got it right.

click to enlarge
At this point we discovered we are also missing a final female-to-female M10 brake line coupler for the join between the front to rear lines and the feeding pair from the engine bay. (which takes place behind the front subframe, under the passenger footwell)
This single item will complete hydraulic tightness of the system.

click to enlarge
A follow up trip is to ensue shortly to fit this coupler, front brake pads, and pad-retaining calliper springs & pins for each side.

In the meantime; the car sits on all four wheels, and we all slept a good sleep on Tuesday night.

click to enlarge
The immediate future holds the clutch slave-cylinder, replacement of lost gearbox-oil, and the manual rotation of the engine crank.

(Text courtesy of dante giacosa)
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Coupé Related Chat
14/06/2019 12:09
Aye! you could say that Coop ownership can be interesting at times.... driving
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News & Press
14/06/2019 10:13
Was looking at AlfaOwner got a link to the Alfa 4C Quadrifoglio that never was and in the background inside the Heritage Hub is a yellow 16v Coupe 10:31

Some great cars and concepts in there!
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Club Information
14/06/2019 08:53
Hi Jon, processed today.

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Other Cars and Vehicles
14/06/2019 08:05
I used my 131 as a daily driver until I bought my coupe, now it simply doesn't get used and I have nowhere to store it out of the elements, so I'm trying to sell it. I'd have no trouble selling it on the mainland, but having it on the south island puts it in the too hard basket for most punters. It's a great little bus and is in very good nick considering it's vintage. It's the 6th 131 I've had in the past 10 years, so buying a coupe was moving a lot closer to a modern car. I've collected all the bits and done most of the work towards building a fuel injected 2 litre for it, with an eaton M45 supercharger from a Mercedes hanging off the side, it would have been a great sleeper if the project ever got finished, but it's never likely to happen.
0 86 Read More
14/06/2019 07:47
I don't have seller rights, so couldn't respond to this in the "Parts wanted" section.

Originally Posted by Grigio
Don't know what you call them, but the left and right lower sections of the plus spoiler. I just ran the bloody thing into a gutter and stuffed them, again.

Originally Posted by DaveG
We call them "lips". You can get reproductions from AutoDS in Poland, and can order them with or without being painted. Many people report that the paint is a good match for comomon colours (eg: Sprint Blue) but I have a pair in Pearl White and th match is poor, the lips look a kind of "blue/white" pearl whereas the original colour is more of a "cream/white" pearl frown Also the AutoDS lips are fibreglass and thus not very flexible compared to the ABS originals, and having pulled off my old, damaged lips, I've found that the sizes are not exactly the same. But since I will need to get them painted, that will cover up any gaps. But also, being fibreglass, they are less forgiving and more brittle than ABS so you'll have to be even more careful...

Thanks for your response Dave, so the LE bits are the same for the Plus? They certainly look the same in the photos. They don't list Oz as a freight option, so I've asked if they'll send bits to the antipodes.
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Technical Issues
14/06/2019 07:47
Thanks for all the advice everyone. I have temporarily sorted it and have ordered some m6 chimney nuts to do it properly later
9 295 Read More
Technical Issues
13/06/2019 20:28
Maybe multiple injectors failing at once.
8 269 Read More
Technical Issues
13/06/2019 15:11
Yep sorry vae=the Idle Control Valve laugh
My it's 1.8,but the idler system it's the same
5 262 Read More
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