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General Chat
2 hours ago
So... any of our north of the border compatriots able to clarify Monica's statement at Holyrood today? I've seen three or four reports of her speech, which depending how it is read means either I *can* visit my mother - who lives on her own on Skye - on Friday, or I can't.

This statement:
Originally Posted by Nicola Sturgeon
There will be exceptions for those living alone, or alone with children, who form extended households.

appears to have been taken verbatim from her speech, and different reports put the commas in different places, replace them with semicolons, or omit them altogether. It all hangs on whether 'those living alone' is in itself sufficient to make an exception, or whether the 'who form extended households' is inclusive.

I am unable to find anything written from Holyrood yet.

216 9,878 Read More
News & Press
4 hours ago
Let me know when he learns how to pronounce 'Coupé' and I'll start watching the rest of them biglaugh
2 135 Read More
General Chat
5 hours ago
If you want to safely record your power supply then a voltage data logger such as this unit would my suggestion
It links to a windows based bit of software to provide a clear record of any variations in supply voltage.
5 210 Read More
8 hours ago
A couple of weeks ago I added a 20VT to my multi car insurance with Admiral, but I didn't proceed with the purchase so cancelled a couple of days later.

They charged an admin fee. And of course the insurance was covering me for a couple of days so I guess they have a right to charge me for that. I know insurance companies front end load their charges too, I suppose to discourage cancellations half way through.

Looks like standard practice in the industry, but doesn't excuse the attitude of Flux.... Our campervan is insured with them, but no problem so far....
14 670 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
9 hours ago
Originally Posted by Edinburgh
You don't need to worry about the magic 3rd gear Sam, it's a 16v tongue

All gears on a 16vNA are magic. None of this tedious hanging around waiting for the turbo to wake up and start burning oil.

It's important to remember, though, Sam, that you may need to check the oil as much as once a year.
14 377 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
9 hours ago
Originally Posted by respace
Picking up the Roman theme, VIs would have been the 6, the IVs the 4, not to be confused with the IBS which the coop regularly becomes.

18 589 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 20:03
What can I say, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

Glad you got it fixed, it's a horrible feeling hitting the brakes only to have the car start doing it's best impression of an overfilled washing machine
12 504 Read More
General Chat
Yesterday at 18:06
Linux. No argument - unless you *have* to use particular software for which there is no usable linux equivalent.

Windows is a usability nightmare... rolling back to Rich's point about human factors, MS's idea of an improvement is to hide settings in a different place every time they perform an update; you need to learn the whole interface anew every time. I'd argue that W10 is still nowhere nearly as useful as W7 was - and I still prefer Linux (Mint for my taste, but of course this is Linux - you an get *anything*!) on this three-year old Dell laptop.

That said - most people are happy if they can browse the web, watch/listen to videos/music/podcasts, and send emails to granny. For which, any old OS with a browser does the job.

If you're into games, I guess you're into Windows like it or not, but that's not my thing so I can't really comment.

(re speed: I wrote an emulator for an old processor and I wrote it so it would compile for either windows or linux. A test suite runs in five and a bit minutes on this old Linux; it takes just under three hours on W10 on the allegedly better specced work laptop. Both 16GB ram, i5 processor on the Dell, i7 on the work machine, 2TB disc on the Dell, 500GB SSD on the work machine. Go figure.)
16 350 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 06:40
Thanks, Gripped. A friend had a Peugeot with the same engine and the same problem. His turned out to be the brake vacuum pump.
2 133 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
20/09/2020 21:59
There is life after coupe ownership.
There are also much easer cars as tools to live with day by day.

The choice was taken out of your hands but I'm glad you didn't go with the Citroen, anything other than a Citroen would have been fine!

I'm currently back in a 16v coupe while I try and save the Porsche and a panda from the salt roads here.

Hope your well smile
12 759 Read More
Coupé Parts for Sale
20/09/2020 18:31
The door mirror looks like nearside on the picture. Can you clarify because if it is I'll buy if its still available.
7 776 Read More
General Chat
20/09/2020 14:51
Glad to see things coming together for you MRS on track. smile
The Lydden track video gives the impression it's nearly all uphill most of the way around!
Continued success for the rest of the season.
1 117 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
19/09/2020 12:42
A little too lurid for me but it could be a good buy smile
8 602 Read More
18/09/2020 13:25
I moved to Direct Line some years ago, their quotes are good but it may pay to look at their renewals, I found if I completed a new request (for the same car) their quote was cheaper than the renewal. Green Flag are the same.

Incidentally in terms of write-off values, my best experience was with Tescos on my GTV, initially they quoted a low figure but they agreed to look on Autotrader and came back with a figure £1k over what I'd paid for it and over the insured value.
12 335 Read More
General Chat
18/09/2020 13:09
I think its really down to either biting the bullet now, and she pays for being insured for the year.

Or she bites it later down the line - when she is back and has work and can afford insurance.

The downside- she won't accrue any NCB- so premiums will still be high in the future.
The upside - she won't be a brand new driver- but have x years experience.

The one things insurers seem clued up on are where parents tack on siblings to their policy- and then the siblings drive the car as theirs full time...hence the large charge.

No easy way for young drivers effectively means a lot of new drivers can't afford to drive when they first pass their tests unless the bank of mum and dad pay for it..

Using a "P" and having a Big Brother Monitor fitted might lower costs...


1 216 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
17/09/2020 11:12
Poland/ Bulgaria....clearly a good place to be if you like Coupes!

Enjoy your trip! And hope you have a no problems. Coupes tend to like the longer trips!


9 339 Read More
Coupé Spotting
17/09/2020 07:53
Originally Posted by Dan
Originally Posted by Ballypete
Very tidy looking W***AUA Silver 20vt spotted parking up in Halfords St Margaret's Way Leicester.

That was me! Not tidy, though..

Only we see the imperfections in our own cars...
1,123 803,102 Read More
General Chat
16/09/2020 18:46
Seen in the context of the exam results cluster fudge recently:

Got some AAA batteries at the shop but when I got home they were BCC's.

724 167,808 Read More
16/09/2020 16:10
After reading complimentary posts re FJ I decided to have a word with them yesterday to compare with ClassicLine (that has previously used ERS and now First Underwriting) and they came up with an agreeably comparable quote which includes £12 for agreed value and £15 for salvage retention plus full value claim. Only £200 excess as well as opposed to £500. Both were for 3k annual mileage.

The quote was a lot higher than figures bandied about here though as I do live in the capital city, park on a public road and will be insuring the newly-restored coupé for 20k....
4 1,252 Read More
Coupé Spotting
16/09/2020 14:22
Red 16v Turbo spotted parked up in Agua Amarga (near Almeria / Mojcar, Spain)
216 111,065 Read More
Coupé Spotting
16/09/2020 14:21
Red 16v Turbo spotted parked up in Agua Amarga (near Almeria / Mojcar, Spain)
92 49,537 Read More
General Chat
16/09/2020 14:13
Thanks both and sorry for the late reply, we were actually away in Spain at the time this was all happening but back home now, but will reach out to Emjay just to get his thoughts as she has been made redundant today, even though there was a position in a sister company, which she had to interview for and subsequently told she doesn't have the experience required.

For reference, the quote from CIPD is:

Suitable alternative employment
An employee who is made redundant while on maternity leave is entitled to:

be offered a suitable available vacancy with her employer (or an associated employer); and
the alternative vacancy must be suitable and appropriate for the employee to do in the circumstances; and
the terms and conditions must not be substantially less favourable.
There would be no need for an employee on maternity leave to compete for a suitable alternative post, as the employer must offer such a vacancy to her. This gives the absent employee priority over others who are at risk of redundancy, even if they are better qualified than the employee on maternity leave. This is a form of positive discrimination.

Although this applies to employees on maternity leave, most sensible employers would offer vacancies as a priority to pregnant employees as well, to protect themselves from discrimination claims.

If an employer dismisses an employee on maternity leave without offering a suitable alternative vacancy the dismissal is automatically unfair.

Note that this right applies only to terminations because of redundancy and not dismissals for other reasons.
5 339 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
16/09/2020 13:18
The front reminds me of a Maserati MC12, the side reminds me of a Ferrari F something whatever, the back reminds me of a new Honda NSX. And the price tag reminds me I can't afford it. thumb
0 89 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
16/09/2020 10:09
Originally Posted by Theresa
I tell people I've got a knackered old Fiat laugh

Yes I use that one when overtaken by some idiot in an Audi (BMW etc other idiots are available) 'so your so proud of yourself for over taking a 22yr old knackered old Fiat with half your HP?'
12 531 Read More
Coupé Spotting
15/09/2020 21:50
Black coop at Dorchester heading south around 5 pm, got a wave but didn't see the model.
1,171 786,812 Read More
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