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General Chat
1 hour ago
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996 127,716 Read More
1 hour ago
i went for lesjofors. as OEM Replacement. price point is "about right" and theyre a subsiduary of ZF. (ftr... Boge, TRW, Sachs and Wabco are under the ZF Umbrella)
Yet to actually get them installed and ran, but i have previous experience with Lesjofors on our old 159 and they did really well.
10 762 Read More
1 hour ago
Evening all,
I have a set of (7Jx17 H2-41) OEM Speedline wheels from an early 2000s Stilo in the garage. Decent enough tyres if almost at the end of their 10yr life span, currently wrapped in 215/45r17 rubber
Aside from the obvious speedo mismatch which can be almost eliminated by dropping to a 35/40 section in the future what are the chances of them fitting and not rubbing anywhere as a straight replacement for the coupe OEM wheels (6,5Jx15 H2-40)...

also what is the H2 in the sizing? Never had to deal with non-oem wheels.

im presuming the 1mm difference in off set wont make a difference, but im guessing the 12-13mm differece in rim width along with the added tyre size may cause issues.
if so would i be looking at a 10mm spacer set? of so what kind of handling differences should i be aware of?
0 18 Read More
UK Social Events
1 hour ago
Autoitalia Autumn Motorsport Day is on Sunday 8th October 2023 at Brooklands Museum

It is usually a good day out, so I have booked my ticket. Anyone else fancy it?

Here's a link to Brooklands Museum site where you can buy your advance tickets.

0 21 Read More
Alarm and I.C.E
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by PaulL
Hello Richy

Yes, this is the future !

There's bound to be loads of odds and sods needed around the cars.


Thats the plan, as i find stuff, get it modelled & printed.

Originally Posted by szkom
Is it something you could measure and md post a couple of pics, Dave?

If it's not too complicated a shape then it might just need digitising?

It may be pertinent to grab PCB microbutton depth from case too, helps with allowing it to "click" properly when pressed. ideally would need PCB Pics with a measurement reference, and as many other measurements and pics as possible.
8 166 Read More
Coupé Projects
Yesterday at 20:20
weee'll i didnt get round to lifting the rear so thats one for tomorrow...
in the mean time... here you go!

found a few things worth noting, with the front ARB Mounts, namely the brakets, bolt at 2 different heights, and there is also a plate INSIDE the subframe that you have to remember to refit on installation. i only knew it was there because i fully removed the subframe and the drivers side one was rattling about. chinny what else... parts are super difficult to get hold of next day (read "next week") if not imposible. little bit sad i cant build the front end too much just yet. because im waiting on gearbag bits from Italy to turn up. not holding out hope of them being close this week but a man can hope. ordered them 2 weeks ago.

25 1,712 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 20:10
The round one fits into a temp sensor which is located in the radiator just above the bottom pipe, second one could be an a/c pressure switch or bonnet switch, judge by the cable length it's location.
1 75 Read More
UK Social Events
Yesterday at 14:57
Booked my tickets and used the members code! Al be sure to come say hi.
3 403 Read More
Yesterday at 10:30
Thank you
3 110 Read More
Coupés for Sale
25/09/2023 19:07
Any feedback or offers welcome.
Car is not really being used.....
1 264 Read More
General Chat
25/09/2023 18:34
I've got a picture of him on my mouse mat.
782 215,362 Read More
General Chat
25/09/2023 04:46
Well at least the engine got a picture laugh
3 131 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
24/09/2023 22:16
Originally Posted by adam16vt

I’m based 12 miles outside of Norwich, you are welcome to come and have a look whenever you like, it’s in bits as I’m waiting on the turbo, alternator and a few other parts so it doesn’t run but you’re welcome to come and have a look and a chat

Or if you’re keen you can come when it’s up and running



Aircon really is a must for me. its a shame as a 6 speed is always a bonus.

9 506 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
23/09/2023 22:32
Originally Posted by barnacle
And if you happen to need to change a headlight, you need a T25 driver.

I had to read that a couple of times laugh
8 342 Read More
23/09/2023 10:45
I have loctite 510, I used it for the shells on the head as per the manual,
but I don't think it's ideal for this.
Thanks for the 567 advice
20 529 Read More
22/09/2023 07:27
Hi, can you tell me how much adjustment is needed to get the ground clearance to be the same height as the original?
Is it difficult to reach later to adjust the rear shocks once they are installed?
79 13,398 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
21/09/2023 19:45
Hello Pete.
We are staying in a gite in Le Bugue, market town on the Vezere, south of Perigeux.
We've been coming here for 15 odd years and enjoy mixing with the French.
A red coupe used to live in one of the little towns towards Bergerac.
We've got a Fiat 500 hire car.
10 478 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
20/09/2023 21:14
I could lend you mine for a few weeks. I live in Hedge End and my car isn’t going anywhere at the moment. Too wet
1 123 Read More
UK Social Events
20/09/2023 19:26
Originally Posted by Andrew20V
I'm planning to go on Sunday.

Great! Are you with a club or in pole position parking? Do come say hi. wave
2 190 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
19/09/2023 08:22
Ha Nigel enjoy love , I keep looking at the 4x4 version as well ...............have done for years now ,but I also keep saying no more no more
hired one in italy years ago and loved it , as you say great fun
9 460 Read More
Non-UK Events
19/09/2023 07:38
1. Rosso +1 (part of 14 day Italy road trip) (Newcastle-IJmuiden)
2. Barnacle +1
3. DaveG
4. CC +1 (Holiday Inn)
5. Edinburgh +1 (Newcastle-IJmuiden)
6. french_coupe +1
7. Rob40
8. ballypete +1
9. jarofjam
10. Danb052k +b1 (minimum)
11. slime500 +1
12. Trappy +1 (maximum :D)
13. Ali_and_Marvin +1
14. Brilly1uk +1
15. PaulW
16. G_man +1 (unlikely to travel in convoy)
17. Gilbo + the boss
18. Jaaps2 + missus (from NL)
19. Andrew20V (TBC)
20. Jamiepm
21. Just_Matthew +1
22. Henk +1
23. Barmybob + 1 (TBC)
24. Wink +1
25. Cooperman +1
26. SiBurt +1
27. Gripped +1
28. PeteP +1 (TBC)
29. Tonyred20VT
30. 1st_things_1st +1 TBC
31. RichG +1
32. StupotShazB
33. nlanks
34. Submariner (TBC)
35. IGGY
36. Sedicivalvole
37. MCMike
170 32,101 Read More
18/09/2023 19:04
Originally Posted by Nigel
Hi Simon

I swear by Pagid pads - they have a decent range to cope with most demands. If you're looking for a bit more bite at 'normal' speeds, I'd suggest looking at Pagid 'Blue' (I think they were called RS 4-2, or something similar)

Speak with Bremsen Technic in North Yorkshire - Steve Liversedge was the guy I dealt with, but that was quite a few years ago. 01748 830909

EDIT - have a look at the sticky I wrote fifteen (!!) years ago about the Pagid range -

EDIT #2 - and also this thread -

Looking at the Pagid Racing website they seem to have renamed their pads. The RS29 pads you installed are now called RSL29.

There is no RS4.2 listed, but maybe the RS42 is the replacement?
6 795 Read More
UK Social Events
18/09/2023 17:36
Try it out in Carlisle Paul laugh
26 2,867 Read More
18/09/2023 07:46
I believe the Fiat Doblo has the wider pullies to accommodate the wider belt, but the question is, why? I run 400bhp on a standard Gates belt without issue as do many other cars. Cambelts are not a weak point with this engine, so you could save yourself the money and stick with the standard pullies.
1 201 Read More
Alarm and I.C.E
17/09/2023 17:12
Originally Posted by DM2NT
The bumper is probably the worst place for an antenna.
You don't put the antenna for the TV in the basement because the reception is so good there.
The best place is of course on the roof.
But who wants to drill a hole in the roof of a coupe? In Germany some 20VTs had cell phone preparation.
I don't know if that existed in the UK too. They have an antenna on the roof of the vehicle. These could be replaced.
If you still have some time, I'll get an amplifier and see if I can modify it.
But the reception will never be as good as in a modern car. There are 3 or even 4 antennas installed here between which the radio is switched.

Sure, would be great. I am not in a hurry.
I am in NL btw. My coupes don’t have GSM preparation nor the extra motorized antenna on the left-rear.
13 696 Read More
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