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Coupé Related Chat
1 hour ago
Striking to me is the age spread of owners and the longevity of ownership, remarkable. But then again having found out for myself just how good the coupe is, perhaps not so remarkable!
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Coupé Related Chat
2 hours ago

Update from the mechanic ( - a great guy who builds a lot of race engines.

Good news - the bottom end and pistons were OK.
Bad news - the top end is not so good, and the cams are beyond saving.

The list of parts needed from John is:
-Big ends std
£40 delivered

-Mains ends std

-Piston rings std
£ 14,29

-Thrust washers std
£ 3,26

-Full gasket set
£ 172,11

-Cams x2
Inlet cam:


-Cam variator
-Oil pump
-Timing belt kit.
-Timing belt crank pulley
-Water pump
-Oil filter
-Balance belt chain kit
-Spark plugs
-Cam position sensor
-Valve collets x4
-Cylinder head overhaul

That's only the engine - he's flagged some evidence of overheating so I will need water pump, hoses, thermostat and possibly rad too.

So can any of you help me to source these or point to where the problems are likely to arise? I'm doing some googling - belts, rings, etc seem to be available. I'll update this post with my own research of costs as I go, in case it might help others, but input is welcome!
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Technical Issues
2 hours ago
My doors caused me all sorts of problems when its below freezing. In the past ive regularly been sat in my work car park having opened the door and then not been able to close it again due to the locking mechanism. I found silicone spray at the beginning of winter used to help a lot. Thats assuming yours was a similar issue.
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3 hours ago
Originally Posted by andyps
I would presume that it adds fairly substantially to the structural rigidity of the car. It could be modified but consideration of full reinstatement of structural integrity taken out would be needed - the cage would help but works in a different way.

I too assumed this but can't for the life of me see how? It's box section and runs directly across the car? It doesn't look like any form of bracing I've seen anywhere else... There are no clear mounting points, it's the 'wrong' shape and it doesn't do the whole 'triangles' thing...
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Coupé Parts for Sale
7 hours ago
Trim 62 with Garrett 6/6 style wheel sold.

One Trim 60 left and one trim 62 with Garrett GTX style wheel letft.
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General Chat
8 hours ago
Most Lancias and Fiats that I can think of (early 70's to 80's) had a front and rear jacking point which was a square shaped "slot" welded to the sill, and in later years 80's onwards the location is similar but you just use a pad across the seam in the sills (like on the Coupe) so for these car lifts that fit under the sills either side, I would expect to use some suitable pads. The Quickjack that I linked to has some "pinch weld" blocks but they don't come as standard, and are a ridiculous £80 for a set of 4. When I got first got my Coupe over 20 years ago, I picked up a block of wood and cut a groove in it, as per the user handbook. I'd do the same thing if I got one of these lifting/tilting ramps, make up 4 suitable blocks (or cut a groove in the blocks that are supplied with the Quickjack for example)
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Other Cars and Vehicles
16 hours ago
Hi everybody!

Does anybody have experience/recommendation in relation to remap chips e.g Racechip, Celtic Tuning, Quantum etc.

My wife has a 2016 Tucson 1.7 Crdi with 114bhp and I would like to use it to tow the caravan in 2020. I currently use my Hyundai i40 which has circa 140bhp, so a remap of the Tucson to around 140bhp would be sufficient for my needs.

Prices vary (£199 to £450+) as do sellers claims (139bhp to 180bhp). Reviews are also varied. I'm not looking to rag the life out of the engine. It should be good for 140bhp as Hyundai already do the Tuscon 1.7crdi with 141bhp.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Technical Issues
Yesterday at 21:29
Yes, thanks Edinburgh. I did send a e-mail to FCSS just now.
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 14:44
9 months ago I would have bought it from you. If its LHD have a good look at for the current price range
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Technical Issues
Yesterday at 02:37
Originally Posted by G_Man

One of them must have succumbed to the tear gas.
55 2,459 Read More
General Maintenance
18/11/2019 22:14
I removed the negative from the battery before I left it for storage yesterday. However, just came to think of it... might this cause any problem with keys and codes etc? I have a "master" key code card.

I swapped the battery 3 months ago as the old one had discharged (I still have it). The central locking mechanism and display still worked with the old battery, then I swapped to the new one and maybe had the car without a battery for half an hour or so. It started perfectly without issues.

Do you have any ideas? Maybe I should go connect the negative again? It will be like that until.... march something.

Best regards
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Technical Issues
18/11/2019 20:25
then totallyalfa will be fine.
I'll take that.
I thought maybe to adapt a small weight.
Thank you all for the answers.
As soon as I apply the mod.
I will post photos and info.
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Technical Issues
18/11/2019 18:08
I had two rear wheel bearings on coupes that presented symptoms in a very odd way indeed - not at all like the hum or groan that you'd normally hear. I had a bad vibration amongst other knocky noises.
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Non-UK Events
18/11/2019 13:03
I got an email from René (reben) about Viva Italia in Assen (NL) in 2020. It's moved back to "Pinkster" Monday (1st Monday in June) the same as in 2015 (in later years it was earlier, in April). Seeing as that is a holiday weekend in NL, it might be worth booking accommodation a little earlier this year?

Same successful formula as before, but do note that it is on a Monday, the week after the UK Spring Bank Holiday on 25 May. René expects to organise a group meal the night before, in or around Assen. See you there!
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General Chat
18/11/2019 11:08
Originally Posted by neil_r

Real shame GM made such a pigs ear of owning and killing off the company frown

Was not Fiat trying to do a deal with Saab back in the '80s? Hence the "Type 4" ie, Croma, Thema, 164, and Saab 9000 but then GM came onto the scene.
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Club Information
18/11/2019 10:45
No worries John - I have been under the weather and the letters are sitting on the dining room table to be packed and posted, so I will send them out shortly - apologies for the delay
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Coupé Related Chat
18/11/2019 09:45
Done loads of small jobs
Fitted radio with ignition switch power
Quick shift
Sorted cig lighter just unplugged
2 dash bulbs
Cable tile the adjustable boost valve up
Removed steering wheel and put it back on straight
14 649 Read More
General Chat
17/11/2019 21:10
Bag over the head, feed him to his own mixer!
7 336 Read More
Coupé Parts for Sale
17/11/2019 10:51
Now listed on eBay.
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General Chat
16/11/2019 22:24
The usual rolleyes, help required please. I've never seen any threads on here regarding graphic design (certainly you won't have done from me for reasons of my utter incompetence in this field) but this place can still surprise me so I'm asking here.

MicroWishy is after a graphics tablet from Santa, she loves drawing and also making computerised animations and is after a tablet for this purpose. This is going to be her main present so budget is about £200. It will be mainly connected to our main PC which has twin 27" monitors (so hadn't considered versions with screens) but if there's something that could also be used in her room with her android tablet as a screen then that wouldn't hurt although this isn't the main priority. Reading up gives options such as these below.

Wacom medium

Wacom small (Pro)

XP_PEN with screen

Question 1 would be, does anyone know what they're talking about form experience in this field (I exclude myself from anything artistic)?

Question 2, is it worth having a screen on the tablet itself? I guess this boils down to the budget showing options for Wacom (known brand to me) without screen being a similar price to an unknown brand with a screen. In other words a choice betwen perceived quality (Wacom) and features (XP-PEN with screen). Obviously if I look at screened Wacom products then the budget goes up....

Questions 3, if the answer to question 2 is that quality wins, is it worth upping the budget to inlcude the medium version of the Wacom pro?

Wacom medium (Pro)

This is obviously over the normal budget but if it's something that could be useful for everyone on the main PC then I'll do it.
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Technical Issues
16/11/2019 20:22

The idle on my car has always be unperfect. I replaced the dump valve few days ago and it seemed to be a bit better (no more idle bouncing, at least that's what I thought). I always had the exhaust popping here and there at idle even after fixing injectors or valve clearance.

Today I tried to adjust the idle screw to match the new dymp valve. Sadly when fully closed, the engine doesn't stall, but it makes the exhaust popping and the idle bouncing more noticeable, more audible and idle bouncing too.

Here is a video

Air leak ? (but it has been tested few months ago, maybe it hasn't been done correctly)
An easy way to check ?
Other suggestion ?
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Other Cars and Vehicles
16/11/2019 20:20
Sadly I heard Alfa are now ditching the plans for a new 8C and GTV. They're also ditching the 4C and Giulietta in favour of two new SUVs.
So much for Alfa being a sporty brand.

Marchionne will be turning in his grave.

I also heard Fiat are planning to stop building small cars. World's gone mad!
7 1,080 Read More
UK Social Events
16/11/2019 16:26
Originally Posted by Rob40
Unfortunately there's only room for 1 more as Xmas weekends are totally manic and the original booking was for a max of 20.

If you're not doing anything that evening Rob you're welcome to join us laugh
18 1,154 Read More
Technical Issues
16/11/2019 16:16
Thanks very much , really appreciate the help 👍
3 220 Read More
Technical Issues
16/11/2019 14:29
The gauze will pull out easily but no need to remove the baffle, the sealant holding it in place will withstand any chemical cleaning process.
1 154 Read More
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