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UK Social Events
Yesterday at 20:31
Yep, says he gassing for the 14,000th time laugh
24 2,013 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 17:35
One task that my newly Alfa-d up friend has discovered needs doing, is the gear change plate (apparently a common job). He thought it was the springs and bushes around the gear lever, but it turns out these are fine.
Obviously, he has access to the same Internet and forums as I do, but he is *extremely* French (and believe me, I've met some very French people) and may not fully understand the language used in English online groups. So, on his behalf, does anyone have any experience of doing this job? Any hints that I can pass on?
I haven't called Roger, as he is so far from us that I can't promise him any work at all resulting from his goodwill.
6 224 Read More
Yesterday at 12:29
Cheers guys , appreciate the help
5 222 Read More
Coupé Projects
Yesterday at 08:20
Originally Posted by ScouseCoupe
Originally Posted by Begbie
Wow, looks soooo red love Curious to know what sort of cost it was though

Cost was shade over £4k including a new windscreen and windscreen seal and able to wait 4 months due to the waiting list to have your car bodywork done, as Dunmuir is very popular across the modern and classic car community in west Scotland.

Thanks for that. Price seems fairly reasonable in the grand scheme of things that you had done smile
16 2,637 Read More
UK Social Events
26/05/2022 20:53
I’ll check with Angelo if he has a preference
20 1,639 Read More
Coupé Spotting
25/05/2022 22:37
That's a Moon Grey smile

Good spot thumb
3,159 4,204,009 Read More
Non-UK Events
25/05/2022 08:26
If Rob is able to attend he mentioned travelling to the Hook.
33 3,029 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
23/05/2022 20:38

I don't really get all this converting an old IC car into electric, it's kind of like trying to put diesel traction into a steam locomotive - why? Just let the old cars become classics, for goodness sake the IC motor is part of the original mix of the car, an element that made the original so special.

What would be cool though would be if manufacturers could create a standardised EV chassis platform, and then offer their "Classic" body shapes on that chassis. Imagine a stunning new EV that has most of the Fiat Coupé design touches but is bang up to date, using modern construction techniques, materials and technology.
16 1,192 Read More
Alarm and I.C.E
23/05/2022 13:43
Good afternoon all,

I am currently researching replacement front door speakers. As I have read on this forum the current front door speakers are woofers, with tweeters installed separately under grills on the left and right of the top of the dash.

I had been considering as replacements the ALPINE SPG-17C2, but these have a tweeter built in. Approx £60 from

I have also seen favourable mentions of the Alpine SPG-17CS component speaker. £90 from

I saw a thread where a chap called KevinW installed just the woofers of the SPG-17CS, but what about the tweeters and crossovers. It seems a waste to spend £90 for the 17CS and not use the tweeters or crossovers.

I have not yet checked the condition of my dash tweeters, BUT is there somewhere I'm able to buy JUST the woofers of the 17CS set?

Thanks all,

0 117 Read More
23/05/2022 09:26
I generally don't bother as the power is disconnected when you unplug the ECU connector anyway, but it won't do any harm to disconnect battery first. (Unless your radio loses settings or needs a security code to enable it again after disconnecting power).
13 1,870 Read More
General Chat
22/05/2022 13:45
Zero make some good looking ones
4 373 Read More
Coupé Projects
21/05/2022 20:09
Had a good 4hrs at it today, fuel tank removed, subframe off and actually surprised that apart from one small hole in the boot spare wheel area it’s not too bad.

Next job is to strip the rear subframe and rear arms for shot blasting and powder coating.

Quick question, can you buy the cups that the springs sit in on the subframe? Badly corroded so not sure they’ll survive shot blasting.

Done myself a bit of a shopping list (already have a new hub/wheel bearing, hoses to callipers, new exhaust etc)
Rear bump stop x2
Rear sub frame brake flexi x2
Wheel bearing rear x1
Rear brake callipers x2
Hand brake cables x2
Brake Compensator x1
Rear arm repair kit x2
Rear subframe bushes - set of 4
Brake pipes (various)
Selection of stainless bolts

Anything I’ve missed?

Also for the rear subframe bushes I’m assuming I’ll need to press them out?

All done with axle stands….living life on the edge smile

6 343 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
21/05/2022 09:48
Oooh. That's dedication Jim. But I'm sure the car loves you for it. wink

I did an oil change in the Coupe recently as I'd left it a couple of years, because of lockdown we weren't going anywhere. I think it only did a couple of thousand miles. Oil was still black though.
1 258 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
21/05/2022 09:44
Yeah it's one of the things that prevents me changing it for a newer car. It's a very cheap way of driving something special rather than the anonymous modern stuff.

Someone I know works on film set of Casualty and they sometimes need cars as props. I'm trying to get the Coupe featured in an episode! Hopefully not one involving a car wreck! wink
2 298 Read More
19/05/2022 21:36
hi, i replaced mine with this one, plug and play. and it is much wider than the original which in some places reaches up to 52mm ID.
1 259 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
19/05/2022 19:24
Hey Paul,

Here's to your run up to watch the grand daughter play her match!

Fantastic reason to be driving the car to watch her play!


11 558 Read More
General Chat
19/05/2022 11:26
Originally Posted by PeteP
An old Pilot sat down in Starbucks and ordered a cup of coffee.

As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him.

She turned to the pilot and asked, ‘Are you a real pilot?’

He replied, ‘Well, I’ve spent my whole life flying biplanes, Cubs, Aeronca’s, Neiuports, flew in WWII in a B-29, and later in the Korean conflict, taught 50 people to fly and gave rides to hundreds, so I guess I am a pilot – what about you?’

She said, ‘I’m a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about naked women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about naked women. When I shower, I think about naked women When I watch TV, I think about naked women. It seems everything makes me think of naked women.’

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a young man sat down on the other side of the old pilot and asked, ‘Are you a real pilot?’

He replied, ‘I always thought I was, but I just found out I’m a lesbian.’

This really made me laugh, so did my wife… laugh
758 194,897 Read More
Club Information
18/05/2022 22:36
You should be able to now, CoupeKarter.
1 209 Read More
General Chat
18/05/2022 13:37
My bike is a hybrid, good enough for me, it’s all alloy so light enough. I bought it second hand from somebody who rode it a couple of times then stored it in bedroom, they were moving away to Glasgow and wanted rid, I practically stole it, brand new it looked not a mark on it. I played the old man routine and said I’ve only managed to save £180, asking price was £200, even at that price it was a bargain. Once the twenty pound notes were in view, I had my new bike.

To be fair up here in the sticks there are not many who don’t acknowledge you, females will always wave and say hi, I think they feel sorry for me, an old geezer on a bike huffing away… hippy When I come to think about it, the flashier the bike and outfit, it’s less likely a friendly gesture ensues. rolleyes None of this puts me off though. I do enjoy a trip on the bike in the countryside, there are a few stopping off places to see and grab a coffee and a goodie. Deserted roads for miles at times, gives me thinking time and keeping fit as well.. yipee
12 600 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
18/05/2022 03:15
Welcome back Dr Jeeva. Good on you for getting back to coupe ownership...let alone the same one that you previously owned! Well done thumb
1 270 Read More
17/05/2022 20:17
Have had Lancaster Ins on and off for 30yrs.....recently over the last few year's my experience has not been good at all with regard to admin on NCD (they lose or remove it everytime), fees for private plates (didnt pay) and constant spamming via SMS, call and email at renewal time. This was for both of my MGs.....I would not use them.
5 670 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
17/05/2022 19:23
Well, when you get standardised battery cells with standardised fastenings that can be replaced by a robot...

The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from...
68 6,879 Read More
Coupé Spotting
17/05/2022 15:34
2 yellows spotted by Chepstow racecourse on the weekend.

One driving away from the racecourse and a gorgeous plus in the carpark.

Sadly, I was in the panda so my waving and flashing at the first one probably had them overly confused.

Really really strange to see 2 in different locations in the space of 1 minute.
990 617,453 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
17/05/2022 12:37
Wow! Back to the Future!
More updates over time!
1 322 Read More
General Chat
16/05/2022 19:50
Originally Posted by Sedicivalvole
Spam Bob…

Yes - sat in the cupboard - no idea what to do with it!

Not Spam Bob! laugh
30 1,552 Read More
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