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News & Press
2 hours ago
Thanks Bockers !
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 09:39
Originally Posted by Tr8coupe
Limit is 0.08
The fiat coupe vt6 must be near that limit
I have to wait up to 3 months as I asked fiat for a certificate of Conformity

Unfortunately the CoC will not give you that breakdown between NOx and HC figures. The requirement to do so only came in on the Euro 3 standard. Euro 1 and 2 lumped the HC and NOx in together, Coupes being Euro 2 vehicles I doubt you will ever find the info short of getting it tested yourself (which no doubt they would accept even if it met the standard!!)
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UK Social Events
Yesterday at 08:50
Originally Posted by barnacle
Coke zero please!

Safe travels today thumb
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Coupé Related Chat
05/12/2022 19:57
It's different for 16v and 20v models IIRC; the 16v goes a little further back when open.
25 7,035 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
05/12/2022 14:28
01. Edinburgh wall x 2 paid received
02. PaulL desk x 1 paid received
03. Gunzi desk x 1 paid received
04. Alex1982 wall x 1 paid received
05. BillyH wall x 1 paid received
06. Ali_and_Marvin desk x 1 paid received
07. Gripped wall x 1 paid received
08. Slime500 wall x 1 paid received
09. CC wall x 1 paid received
10. french_coupe wall x 1 paid received
11. mattB wall x 2 paid received
12. Mr Tickle desk x 1 paid received
13. M. Haig wall x 1, desk x 1 paid received
14. Gilbo wall x 1 paid received
15. V. White desk x 1 (Benfield1) paid received
16. adamjow94 wall x 1 paid received
17. J. Marshall wall x 1, desk x 1 paid received
18. B. Ucherek wall x 1 paid received
19. G_Man desk x 1 paid received
20. DaveG wall x 1, desk x 1 paid received
21. Staf Aarts wall x 3 paid received
22. Morrison desk x 1 paid received
23. Jamiepm desk x 1 paid received
24. Rosso wall x 1, desk x 1 paid received
25. M. Madill wall x 2 paid received
26. A Burt wall x 1, desk x 1 paid received
27. A. Chin desk x 2 paid received

Total calendars 38 (Wall 23, Desk 15)

Thanks everyone for your orders and payments, now waiting to pick up from printers when they're ready.
45 2,753 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
05/12/2022 11:38
Weather has been poor and roads filled with filed mud and run off already- so its gone in to early hybernation.

Intelligent trickle charger in place- which has been a god send in terms of fit and forget at winter.

Will run mine once a week, run the a/c. And on nice dry sunny cold days if no surface water- will take it out.

I try and do any small jobs on her over this period. Ready for her full service at Joes in spring next year!


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Coupé Related Chat
05/12/2022 11:34
Hi all,

Back in blighty at last! Hope all are well.

They seem to have a few of these in stock


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General Chat
05/12/2022 11:20
Absolutely Jim. Our new house has a smart meter and we've now become more aware of our energy spends. Nothing is left on standby except key appliances, dishwasher only used a couple of times per week, low energy clothes washes etc. I've calculated that our yearly savings will equate to 10 x tins of Scottish craft lager so a bit of a result rolleyes

We are quite fortunate that the house is exclusively hot water under floor via LPG which in the current climate is cheap to run. The downside is my feet smell like the finest blue cheese .. crazy
11 751 Read More
General Chat
05/12/2022 09:48
Originally Posted by G_Man
Quick update - garage checked the car and all good on suspension etc and my insurance company asked me how I intended to repair the bumper damage. Told them £350 for primed bumper and paint so they said crack on and case closed thumb Goes down as a non-claim accident so retain my NCB.


That is good news thumb
8 842 Read More
General Chat
05/12/2022 08:56
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916 107,525 Read More
04/12/2022 22:16
astounding, truly. and I thought it was wood.
the ones in the photos are nice,
are they plug and play?
what should be observed when buying another steering wheel?
15 441 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
04/12/2022 10:20
My daily a wee 1.0 litre Corsa has started to blow in the exhaust, luckily it wasn’t picked up at MOT time, it would’ve cost a fortune. It’s blowing slightly from the rear, so it’s either a new rear box or a repair to the connection pipe. Not a big job but weather is not playing the game at the moment, it will even wait until next year if need be, hopefully a break in the weather will come.
13 1,129 Read More
Coupé Spotting
03/12/2022 14:08
Lovely looking Sprint Blue S39 ... spotted twice in Goudhurst this morning.
Was about 11:30 coming out of Goudhurst towards A21 the second signting
3,163 4,219,344 Read More
News & Press
02/12/2022 15:46
Clarkson only looks 19 !

...unfortunately, I was 45
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Coupé Related Chat
01/12/2022 09:47
Smashing drive this morning in the beating sun, with the non operating AC turned up to max.
To cap it all, drove half a mile with P reg Portofino 20v alongside!
21 792 Read More
Coupé Projects
01/12/2022 06:45
I highly recommend putting benches on wheels. Makes life much easier. I put two locking wheels on the front and it’s enough even when beating metal in the vice. No movement at all.
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Coupé Projects
30/11/2022 14:59
Just for interest, here is a photo of a steel workbench that I made.

Before I did any work on the car I needed some kind of workbench. I do still need to make some wood workbenches and storage shelving units. I decided that I steel one on wheels would be best to start with.

It has turned out to be great. I use it most days and it's been invaluable getting the car sorted as well as stuff around the house and garden. Being on lockable wheels has made it very versatile too.
5 383 Read More
UK Social Events
27/11/2022 20:12
Thanks for organising Ashley, a very enjoyable lunch had by all!
36 2,748 Read More
Coupé Projects
27/11/2022 11:08
The other cylinders are outputting close enough to 150 each so in theory we won't need to do much - our mate will no doubt take the opportunity to clean up anything he spots.

Cause? Difficult to say, but considering the scenario of its past (for the sake of those that can't be bothered to trawl through here, it was 13 years under a bush then 18 months in PJM's driveway until we
Originally Posted by Edinburgh
an apparently "famous fiat four" (thanks HiraethHuw bowtie )
took it on.

It had belonged to the couple's son until, we understand, he parked it up underneath this large bush in their garden and then detoured into a Porsche which his folks gave him crazy

My feeling is he probably ragged it and pot 5 didn't take kindly to it.
66 15,101 Read More
Coupé Projects
25/11/2022 18:30
Another eighteen months have passed and now that our project has been mercifully transferred to a lockup belonging to a friend of one of us amidst a tiny country hamlet, the opportunity to keep it dry and away from the elements has renewed enthusiasm, but more importantly the occasional Friday morning availability of yet another mate, a mobile mechanic, "G", has supplied us with the skills needed and the essential safety of moving the engine.

With the fortune of the only half-sunny morning in ages we turned up today hoping to get closer to our goal of diagnosing the cause of the half-power cylinder. Previous visits had gone a fair way with gradual dissembly, with parts bagged and marked; the head bolts had been loosened a quarter-turn too but the presence of G's ingenuity and 3-ton jack - he has owned a 16v coupé even shocked - made short work of disconnecting everything else appropriate, and within 90 minutes off came the head smile

Of the three likely suspect problems, viz.

1. Leaky valve
2. Piston ring failure
3. Head gasket failure

no 3 was the least likely, it being a rare occurrence in coupés, and on removing the head it was immediately apparent from the dark patches around cylinder 5 that we were getting closer.

Filling pot 5 in the head with WD40, it almost immediately started to leak down and exit through the exhaust side. It was exciting and a great relief to think that the poor performance mystery over the years was hopefully now solved, the dismantling and proper view of the area revealing what is basically a straightforward mechanical fault.

G is taking away the head to attend to this along with general tlc, skimming etc. and new parts - head gasket set (including manifold gaskets and valve stem oil seals) and 12 "stretch" head bolts - being ordered.

We're now over 5 years into this project, surviving all sorts of setbacks - and then covid - but there is a glint in our eyes...
25 7,319 Read More
25/11/2022 08:03
Originally Posted by Nigel
Originally Posted by MAX2
Originally Posted by Nigel
Sorry to hear it's not running right - I also made the mistake of going for forged pistons and standard rods - in the end I bent a rod, so had to go for forged rods anyway....

I also killed a set of forged pistons - they were well over 100,000 miles old and I ran 2 bar on race fuel and melted the rings into the ring lands

At that point, I rebuilt with Accralite pistons, with a slightly raised CR for better off-boost response

Why not just buy my car instead? You know it makes sense..... ;-)

Hi! You bent the factory connecting rod! What is the torque and horsepower? Which turbine is installed and what is the boost?

The standard rods are very good, but their capability is limited. Torque is what kills them. Anything above about 350 lb-ft is asking for trouble, depending on how it is delivered. I bent mine on a remapping session on a dyno - the mapper got the car to about 375 lb-ft. I asked him to reduce the torque, but the damage was already done. I was running a GT2871RS at about 1.6 bar

In my Fiat Coupe 20vt 466 hp 560 nm, gtx3071r boost 1.6 bar! The engine is standard! I think he's still alive because the boost is 1.6 bar at 4,500 thousand rpm.
9 1,789 Read More
Other Cars and Vehicles
24/11/2022 13:30
That’s the dipstick sorted then. The elephant in the room now! That is some story Annie, good to let go though. As a self confessed bletherer I know this. blabla
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Coupés for Sale
23/11/2022 12:00
Thread locked
3 648 Read More
Coupé Projects
22/11/2022 14:51
November 2022

Catching a 6am train from Colchester, I was able to get a lift from Joe at the other end and got to his unit at 10am before hopping in the Coupé for a trip over to Hereford to pick up a set of arch liners and water meth tank that had been left at the roll cage fitter unit some months before. After heading back to Joe’s we set about refitting the Aquamist tank and making the car fit for the long drive home. I’d also arranged to collect a few items from Joe’s parts department, highlights including a complete dash an undertray and a cup holder, as well as boxes of all the old parts that had been removed during recent works. After a couple of near starts and a false start, I was able to get underway and spent the next 4 hours in a mixture of stop start traffic or motorway speed driving, neither of which was much fun in a car full of loose rattling parts and no sound deadening. The final list of work carried out at this latest major milestone then:

Fix vibrating EGT probe port
20v Turbo late model front water rail coolant T piece
FCSS custom 63mm stainless turbo to intercooler pipe
FCSS custom 75mm stainless charge pipe
NGK plugs (8s)
Nylon gear selector base and 2x roller bearings
Battery in the boot mod
2nd hand steering rack
Power steering fluid
Eye bolt mounts (for harness lap belts) welded to centre tunnel
Protection applied underneath seat mounts and eye bolt mounts
Replacement rear arch liners
Replace failed Vibra Technics rear gearbox mount with ‘competition’ version
Fit new 20vTurbo Facet thermostat (to address water temp gauge issue)
New wishbones and drop links
Supply new wishbone pinch bolts and ARB Nyloc nuts
FCSS tank straps
Re-wire dash lights
Aquamist system refitted

Parts / consumables collected for later:
Tin of Zinc spray (for roll cage welds)
Undertray (and spares to reinforce after cutting it to fit)
Rear brake bias spring
New dash
Millers CFS 10w60 oil
3D Printed cup holder
New centre console (I have plans to modify two of these in order to move the head unit position. More to come later)

I can confirm that initial impressions of the steering feel and handling post roll cage are that incredible gains have been made. However, due to inclement weather conditions becoming the norm rather than the exception now, I have taken the car off the road already and started work on the interior in earnest. There's also the small matter of it sounding like a WW2 battle tank with no interior or sound deadening to speak of. The interior rennovation work has now started and will be complete well in time for the spring when it will be released back into the wild. More on the progress of this to follow...

35 7,545 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
22/11/2022 00:42
I'll happily match Jamiepm's donation.

What about making the membership fee a voluntary sum with 15 or 20 pounds being the minimum amount?
23 1,020 Read More
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