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Club Information
23 minutes ago
Hi, have now received my membership details through post. What do I now need to do to gain access to the member only parts of the forum?
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Coupé Related Chat
2 hours ago
You certainly don't see many on the roads these days as the newest Coupes are now 21 years old ooo. I've had my Coupe about 4 months now & I had a guy in my local petrol station come up to me & say how much he liked mine, which was jolly kind of him thumb.
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Other Cars and Vehicles
4 hours ago
Today I changed oil and filter on my daily, a wee Corsa D, good enough for my needs £30 yearly tax. I got into the habit of changing my oil and filter every six months, when I was working as a carer, obviously more miles, and then there was quite a lot of start stop, all of which can be hard on the vehicle. I keep a note of my dates and mileage in a wee old diary and the miles I’ve done since the last change…….just over a thousand……. shocked
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General Chat
5 hours ago
My bike is a hybrid, good enough for me, it’s all alloy so light enough. I bought it second hand from somebody who rode it a couple of times then stored it in bedroom, they were moving away to Glasgow and wanted rid, I practically stole it, brand new it looked not a mark on it. I played the old man routine and said I’ve only managed to save £180, asking price was £200, even at that price it was a bargain. Once the twenty pound notes were in view, I had my new bike.

To be fair up here in the sticks there are not many who don’t acknowledge you, females will always wave and say hi, I think they feel sorry for me, an old geezer on a bike huffing away… hippy When I come to think about it, the flashier the bike and outfit, it’s less likely a friendly gesture ensues. rolleyes None of this puts me off though. I do enjoy a trip on the bike in the countryside, there are a few stopping off places to see and grab a coffee and a goodie. Deserted roads for miles at times, gives me thinking time and keeping fit as well.. yipee
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General Chat
5 hours ago
When I started biking there were loads of new ideas floating around; Wankel, turbo, inline sixes,even a diesel. You could buy a turbo and bolt it on to your 4cyl Jap with the inevitable consequences to your unmodified engine internals, but the big 4 over come that by making their own versions. Lag was an issue but nowadays that can almost be eliminated so why no turbo bikes? Norton revised the rotary a few years ago to some good effect but it doesn't seem to have caught on. I believe Enfild India made the first (and last) diesel but with modern diesels and turbos I should think it could be made to work.
How about a 2 stroke turbo? Imagine a quarter mile on that!
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General Chat
6 hours ago
It's the same here in South Wales. To be fair, some will acknowledge you, others don't. But definitely loads of snobbery about the bike and gear.i deliberately try to avoid looking too MAMIL and sometimes wear MTB shorts on my road bike (I know, outrageous - it will probably make headline news).

I started as an MTBer too around the same time as you Sub. It's definitely less snobby, though there are some idiots who tear up the woods without a care for other users. But these are a minority. I've got my 2011 era full sus Giant and a 2012 Specialized Road bike. Both are mid range aluminium rather than carbon.

My next challenge is to try and avoid getting an electric MTB.... Is it just cheating?
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Coupé Related Chat
6 hours ago
Had 3 occasions recently where people have admired the Coupe, even though the paintwork is shabby. One bloke in a pub car park going on about how he always wanted one, another guy in Tesco carpark wandered around to look at the bonnet badge then gave me a thumbs up, and another saying how you don't see many of these nowadays. Still turning heads.

Makes my upcoming road tax and MOT a little easier to swallow. smile
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Coupé Related Chat
15 hours ago
Welcome back Dr Jeeva. Good on you for getting back to coupe ownership...let alone the same one that you previously owned! Well done thumb
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Coupé Related Chat
18 hours ago
Hi guys. Posting this here since I cant seem to find a newbie section. I was one of the early members of the forum way back in the 2000's on. Had a red fiat coop 20vt plus which I modded massively and which was totaled by my son. Some of you may recall my posts on this. Then bought an electric blue 20vt plus coop and gently modded it. Sold it after a few years and bought a Ferrari. Now after much more than a decade, I have bought my original electric blue fiat again. har har har har. Still in immaculate condition and with all my original mods intact. It had gone through two loving owners who are members of the local fiat coop owners group in Malaysia. My bella has been lovingly taken care of and she looks as beautiful as the day I first bought her. Sold one of my F cars as I getting old and owning and driving 2 F cars was a bit taxing. So one F car and my bella are in my garage now. Really missed her all those years without her in my garage.
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General Chat
Yesterday at 20:37
Sweeping statements but the 'new breed' of road cyclist (not so much MTB in my experience) are mostly rude, arrogant and seem to piss off every other road user. I have MTB'd since Uni in Manchester 1990, MTBing to me appears to consist of a far more relaxed and inclusive bunch of riders although this too has recently gone equipment crazy. Still MTBing but now more of a roadie since 2006, the dynamic of MTBing is not reflected with roadies in my experience...who collectively like to judge by bike, apparel, pedals, weight, unshaved legs etc on the bike and social class, job and salary off of it.....or maybe that's just the SE.

I guess there are people who care not whether you are cycling, driving a niche car etc like them and therefore don't feel the need to nod or wave.

I no longer club or group ride....mainly solo and the odd ride or alpine trip with a mate. French roadies are more inclusive, I can say that I think after 15yrs in Morzine.

Female roadies solo or club run seem to buck the trend round my way.....nod, wave and a hello.
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General Chat
Yesterday at 20:25
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Yesterday at 20:17
Have had Lancaster Ins on and off for 30yrs.....recently over the last few year's my experience has not been good at all with regard to admin on NCD (they lose or remove it everytime), fees for private plates (didnt pay) and constant spamming via SMS, call and email at renewal time. This was for both of my MGs.....I would not use them.
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Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 19:23
Well, when you get standardised battery cells with standardised fastenings that can be replaced by a robot...

The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from...
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General Chat
Yesterday at 19:08
Ah Mrs, don’t worry about me, I’m fine laugh I’m only out and about when the weather is fine. I feel far safer up here in the Highlands than say, anywhere South and over populated.
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General Chat
Yesterday at 18:38
An old Pilot sat down in Starbucks and ordered a cup of coffee.

As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him.

She turned to the pilot and asked, ‘Are you a real pilot?’

He replied, ‘Well, I’ve spent my whole life flying biplanes, Cubs, Aeronca’s, Neiuports, flew in WWII in a B-29, and later in the Korean conflict, taught 50 people to fly and gave rides to hundreds, so I guess I am a pilot – what about you?’

She said, ‘I’m a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about naked women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about naked women. When I shower, I think about naked women When I watch TV, I think about naked women. It seems everything makes me think of naked women.’

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a young man sat down on the other side of the old pilot and asked, ‘Are you a real pilot?’

He replied, ‘I always thought I was, but I just found out I’m a lesbian.’
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General Chat
Yesterday at 17:21
Jim - I feel for you. I used to commute 25k/15mls each was all year round. In the middle of winter, on an MTB on studded ice Spiker tyres, my greatest worry was coming off and nobody finding me. I had an app on my phone that, if it detected no movement for 5 mins, would text my position to a number of people.

As for different customs, in U.K. , if you see someone stopped beside the road with their bike, the norm is to ask if they need help. I learned in NL that the expectation is that you flag down help for yourself. On a particularly fast training ride, I was flagged down by a guy jumping out in front of me. Having provided the required assistance (spare tube and CO2 capsule), before I’d even packed my stuff up, the guy was in his bike and off without a backward glance! I was told this was quite normal.
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UK Social Events
Yesterday at 16:35
PaulL, Dill, are you guys still on for this one?
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Coupé Spotting
Yesterday at 15:34
2 yellows spotted by Chepstow racecourse on the weekend.

One driving away from the racecourse and a gorgeous plus in the carpark.

Sadly, I was in the panda so my waving and flashing at the first one probably had them overly confused.

Really really strange to see 2 in different locations in the space of 1 minute.
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Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 12:46
Interesting development seeing the first light of day in Europe, in Norway. Instead of charging the battery in the car, the battery is replaced for a fully charged one (takes about 5 mins).
It also allows cars to benefit from the latest battery technology as developments occur.
This latter point is something I think should be available more widely, but I suppose the design and accessibility of the host vehicle's onboard battery is crucial.
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Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 12:37
Wow! Back to the Future!
More updates over time!
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Coupé Related Chat
16/05/2022 20:52
Originally Posted by PaulL
I thought that it was an MOT requirement for coupes to rattle, squeak and worry the driver.

I think the worrying starts when the rattle stops, you've either gone deaf or stopped!
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General Chat
16/05/2022 19:50
Originally Posted by Sedicivalvole
Spam Bob…

Yes - sat in the cupboard - no idea what to do with it!

Not Spam Bob! laugh
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Other Cars and Vehicles
16/05/2022 19:22
On Val's Fiat 500L, we've managed to smash the lens of one of the fog lamps.

Lamp replacement, requires full bumper off for access.

Fiat lamp is about £70.00

Although the car looks very good, it is 9 years old, and I'm thinking of just replacing the lens, by glueing over the top.

Any comments or advice please.

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16/05/2022 19:22
Re-fitting is a beast of a job, I remember it well ggrrrrr
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Coupé Related Chat
16/05/2022 19:20
I just had to remove the demented grab handle
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