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Coupé Related Chat
1 hour ago
With the passenger seat out yes it will fit, just, only done it once before and seem to remember thinking "yes that's the last time I want to do that"!
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Coupé Related Chat
3 hours ago
It would..... but I wonder if Alfa Romeo would let them make a sports coupe; especially now Alfa have their Guilia and an incoming GTV in the pipeline.
15 492 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
3 hours ago
If FIAT made a 'modern' version, like they have with the 500, it would cause interest..
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UK Social Events
Yesterday at 22:06
1. Alan_k
2. Rosso
3. Edinburgh
4. AN Other
5. George Holmes
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UK Social Events
Yesterday at 21:07
June's fine for me. Will pencil it in.
157 44,026 Read More
UK Social Events
Yesterday at 21:03
Originally Posted by Alan_K
This is the show I would like to attend this year
I don’t get much time off at weekends so have to be real picky
And I had a great time last year
So if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as some might say

Who’s with me?!

( I actually have a fiat Coupe this time woo hoo)

Alan are you still at Briarhill?
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UK Social Events
Yesterday at 20:54

Deadline for entry has been extended briefly for us

Anyone wanting to go please PM or email me

Car make and model
Reg no

ASAP please

They used to send me a reminder but not got it this year
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Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 20:53
The 170bhp MultiAir is the one to have. I've had both this model and currently the 240bhp Veloce. The MultiAir engine and manual box was a lovely combination, really nicely balanced car. The TCT box (in the Veloce) is only usable in Dynamic mode - in Normal it changes into 6th all the time. In Dynamic it's ok, but it makes the steering too heavy. And it torque steers - the power is really too much for the chassis. But the 170bhp manual just feels fine in Normal mode, best Alfa I've had over a lifetime of them, I'd have one again.
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 20:41
I'd like to add that a Coop advert benefits immensely from having some really nice, carefully selected photographs of the car, as opposed to ones that look like they've just been quickly taken and thrown together.

After all, nice photos give the impression of someone who has taken an interest in the car during their time with it.

Of course something like a [enter make and model of car that is ridiculously popular and has a massive fan base] advert could have a single, rubbish, low resolution photo of the car next to an overflowing wheelie bin and it'll still probably get loads of interest but the Coop is a different story.
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Other Cars and Vehicles
Yesterday at 20:16
After 25 years of trying to buy it back, I finally succeeded in buying my grandfathers BSA FW32 back. He owned it from 1934 for over 50 years. It was sold to cover his care in old age. I’ve finally got it back - pick it up on Saturday

click to enlarge
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General Chat
Yesterday at 20:13
Well done, cracking result. See you in a couple of weeks. smile
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General Chat
Yesterday at 20:09
First race of the season - Classic Alfa Challenge on Silverstone National.

Quali was a disaster with the low voltage lead to the coil falling off on the first lap. Meant I had to qualify “out of session” and start the race from the back (of about 24 starters). Made for a fun race making my way through the field to finish 2nd overall (8s behind the winning Alfetta GTV of the very experienced Chris Snowdon) and first in class

Next up - Silverstone International with Fishy Dave and CSCC 4th May.
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 19:31
If you were to advertise it on Ebay for example there is a section on here that enables you to draw attention to it though....

but you have clearly been a forum member for many years so all you need to do is to create your ad according to the excellent template described in the Selling Rules and if it's fine the Mods will accept it - shouldn't take long!
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 18:58
Many thanks for the feedback. Yes, I had hoped to go to MITCAR but the weather looked so bad I didn’t fancy the drive up from Southampton…I didn’t mention I try to avoid using the car in the rain …we have boats down here for going out in water!

I’d done a little bit of research looking around on various sites, I was thinking it was more like an offers around £5.5K car. There’s a CAT D car at £3K on eBay and pretty much nothing under 4.5K.

Piston Heads has quite a few LE/Plus models the cheapest being nearly £8K. Are LE/Plus models really worth that much more?

Thanks also for pointing out the restriction on selling, it was only when I’d re read the instructions, that I realised that it wasn’t just being a member for 3 months that got you permission. So, looks like I may have left it too late to post an ad on the forum any time soon.
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Non-UK Events
Yesterday at 17:33
I'm painting the dinghy already....
51 3,592 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 17:27
Sorry to hear of your circumstances Jono.

If you had intended to advertise it on here you (your coupe description) would be subject to fairly close scrutiny ranging from coupe experts to many who have a little/some knowledge of what to look for down and to those who know not very much...

You would of course need seller's permission which you've no doubt read all about in the appropriate section, complete with contact details and more photographic detail.

However it's a fair question and you've done your best to promote a feel for your coupe, though it's a shame you have felt the need to move it on, also that you weren't able to parade it at MITCAR last year frown

If the mechanicals have been attended to then a low-mileage example such as yours, garaged for long periods, minimum seat wear and u/v light degradation is theoretically tempting and could be worth around 3k - however if corrosion has had a chance to take a hold in the suspect places, viz. boot/wheelarch seams, rear 3/4 panels behind the pininfarina badges, rear arches and rear sills then the price may become more negotiable depending on the extent of decay. Other factors such as floor pan integrity, lacquer peel and general working order of parts ditto.

Sift through the various examples for sale on here and on external outlets such as Pistonheads and Ebay (others are available) and try to gauge your asking price - if it's too high you'll soon know! Last estimate on here was 4k but that was some time ago. If you advertise on here your post will go into a "holding area" until it's approved - this is not personal but an evolution of protection measures for buyers who have been subject to legacy dishonesty in the For Sale section.

Hope this helps.
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Non-UK Events
Yesterday at 17:14
The paddock line up for Viva Italia has arrived , the RD03 is our spot it's marked in yellow .

click to enlarge

Almost two weeks to go , i can't wait

Greetz Rene
51 3,592 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 17:04
I think Fiat has always been a 'marmite' brand and the coop even more so thus there will always fans and detractors, the former will be inclined to pay for them and therefore a market of sorts. Better indicator may the coupes produced before the 175, older good condition ones command good prices particularly the Dino, the rarity value will no doubt put prices up, eventually! Whether any of us live long enough to see it is another matter.
What worries me is the effect of legislation which will put the price of ownership up incrementally and may ban us altogether eventually.
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 16:55
A bereavement and downsize means that my car fleet needs downsizing to one. Unfortunately, that means my Sprint Blue 20VT is soon to be up for sale. How do you value such a car, the prices seem to vary wildly?


The car is a Sprint Blue 20VT
Black Leather Interior.
2 Owners from new, just 57k Miles
Registered Jan 1997 R Plate

I’ve owned the car since September 2000 – Purchased second hand from main dealer Alan Gibson in Basingstoke with 22k Miles.
Whilst in my ownership the car has always been garaged.

From 2008 – 2017 the car was SORN’d and parked in the garage. (I needed a family car and the BMW dealership made an insulting trade in offer. The 2004 BMW is now scrap and the Fiat is still alive so that’s 1- 0 to Coupe!).
In 2017 the car was recommissioned with over 3K’s worth of work, most of that parts!
The engine was removed, all the belts, oil seals, water pump and clutch were replaced. As were the radiator, condenser, aircon pump, tyres, battery and a whole heap of other parts.

Apart from a Strut Brace (An original Sparco) the car is entirely standard, but remarkably spritely given its age.

Overall it's not a show car, but is completely genuine and original. Having looked round other Coupe’s in various workshops, this car is very solid underneath. and all the usual suspect points, are in really good condition for a car that’s 22 years old.

All the keys including the Red Service key and the Immobiliser siren keys are present. The car also has the original Clarion tape unit, along with the stereo remote and front panel case.

There’s a whole heap of history with the car including the original sales invoice, service history and Fiat sales brochures from the late 1990’s.

I’ll try to post some pictures after the Easter weekend, but any suggestions appreciated!
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Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 15:35
The Coupe offers 'good value' distinctive (Marmite) performance motoring but given the age of them now the tin worm and paint issues (boot seam, front arches, peeling roof etc), the outlay for the car is the smaller amount of ££'s. To get a decent keeper requires a fairly hefty outlay of ££'s to treat/rectify any corrosion/paint issues coupled with possible cam belt/clutch/turbo costs, it starts to appear a little unattractive to many for just a 'Fiat', unless there is an enthusiast and a mint example with documented rectification it would put me off starting ownership of a 'new one' from scratch again; ok for a Chrono I would laugh. There is just not the mass love and appreciation for the Coupe and a fair few possible pitfalls with the usual scaremongering thrown in. Ultimately many buy classic cars as an 'investment' or for a return on the purchase through appreciation; the current market for the Coupe does not clearly provide that for the many.
15 492 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 14:57
Some truth there AFPU...
Having "invested" shed loads in our own cars, buying another is harder, as invariably you would have to do it all over again and you don't really know what you are buying afresh?!?

Thus I suspect a good few of us have "keepers" and therefore not in the market for another?

Still space for "new" converts though!
I might be tempted by a mint Plus though or a Vinci Grey!
15 492 Read More
UK Social Events
Yesterday at 14:50
Originally Posted by Gripped
It could be a laugh. A track session, followed by a drive to a local pub or something to share tales of "hitting the apex," "getting the back end out", "brake fade" and "god I need a new engine" and the like.

June onwards is better for me.

Hi Toby - Hope all is well with you.
I'd be happy to tag along if the date is free in my diary.
Please pm me with any definitive updates.

Cheers Brilly
157 44,026 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 13:57
I think the answer is no, but, can a coupe door fit inside a coupe? Even if passenger seat is removed?
1 60 Read More
UK Social Events
Yesterday at 13:50
Last year was great, although I forgot to go to the AGM! Would love to go this year too, will check with the boss and dates etc.
4 170 Read More
Coupé Related Chat
Yesterday at 10:45
Originally Posted by Brilly1uk
That said, if I chose a modern equivalent, (if there is one?) then I would expect to lose somewhere between £3-5k pa in depreciation?

Although not really an equivalent my A5 Coupé has depreciated in line with your assessment!

I bought it second hand and the fellow before me lost £27k off list, so about £22k if he got a good deal! I were to trade the car now I would have lost close to a further £4k a year and probably closer to £3k private sale. If only I had bought a new Focus RS instead rolleyes Too many people forget about the depreciation factor when they enter their PCP plans on new cars but it's there! However Coupé owners have, in the most part, left it far behind as the values have stabilised and even begun to show signs of recovery.

A Coupé is never going to make anyone rich but it should be possible to own, run and restore one for less than what many people in more modern sports Coupés are loosing in depreciation alone!
15 492 Read More
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