2.0 16v

With the 6th generation Celica being presented on the Tokyo car show, Toyota met yet another competitor in the challenge for the coupe customers...

Paolo Cantarella, general director of Fiat, with a pure Italian passion for cars and company management, made Fiat appear in the category where it had left some 15 years before.

The come-back of fiat in the segment of attractive, prestige sports coupes wasn't based on an already existing model of the Fiat range. It was a brand new car, albeit based on the Tipo platform, like the Lancia Delta. In addition, it also got the Lancia Integrale 2.0 16v engine. 

On its launch in 1994, the Coupé was available with a four cylinder, 2.0 L 16V engine, the normally-aspirated versions threw out an impressive 139 bhp. The engine was a later version of Fiat's twin-cam design and inherited from the Lancia Delta Integrale, winner of the World Rally Championship a record six times.

When the car was released it was actually targeting a large sector market. A stylish yet practical sports car this received a good amount of positive reactions by the public. A unique looking sports car that could accommodate 4 adults comfortably along with ample boot space for luggage.

The launch colours of the Fiat Coupé were red and yellow. This quickly changed and it also became available in Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, black and white. The 16v NA  (normally aspirated) is regarded as the rarest of the Fiat Coupé range.

The 16v 'Plus' edition featured black leather seats and standard airconditioning. Some countries like Brasil only imported the 'Plus' version while other countries just specified the availability of black leather seats and airconditioning as an option.

2.0 16v specs

 16v16v Plus
Engine displacement1995 cm³1995 cm³
Compression ratio10.5 : 110.5 : 1
Power102 kW
139 bhp
6.000 rpm
102 kW
139 bhp
6.000 rpm
Torque180 Nm
4.500 rpm
180 Nm
4.500 rpm
Turning circle10.310.3
Brakes284 mm
240 mm
284 mm
240 mm
Weight1.250 kg1.250 kg
0-100 km/h**
9.2 sec9.2 sec
Black leather trimnoyes

* Acceleration figures measured carrying 2 people + 20 kg luggage.
** Equals 0-62 mph.

Source: fiatcoupe.net



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