after being with FJ for 9 years, their renewal quote came back over £70 more than last year grr despite nothing changing either with my vehicle or personal circumstances.

Gave Hagerty a phone and after a very relaxed 15 minute talk with Phil, their quote surprisingly came back at £51 cheaper than my FJ renewal smile
I have all the benefits of my existing cover + more. I've just spent another £900 on the Coupe, so I have increased my agreed value by another 1K - no photos or valuation required (if you want the agreed value under 10K)

I suppose, like any Insurers - the real test will be when you need to make a claim!

I think their reputation is growing with the Coupe - as soon as I said the make & model I got an 'Ah yes' and the chat became very informal.

They happen so suit my requirements perfectly - although many won't - you have to be over 30, must be Garaged at home address, 3000 miles max per year & you can't have it as daily driver, must have another car on a standard policy.

I've barely used the Coupe, or been on here last 3 years & was even considering selling it & getting a Trike shocked but I decided against & I'm spending on it again to get it looking fab again. I've also renewed my membership smile