I am aware that several of the Forum members also own a 500.

Just a "heads up" on the 1.2 petrol engine should any of you own one. Thought I should share a problem with the OE thermostat where the 16mm pipe off the side cracks/breaks as it is plastic, not metal.

I know of several cars "Downunder" where this has occurred at approximately 100k kilometres (60k miles) resulting in coolant loss (just like the CHOD). Spoke to my local Dealer when I had my 500X in for service earlier this week and they have also had several in with the same problem.

The solution, if you own such a car, is the change the thermostat at an earlier mileage than above with a non-genuine thermostat that is of all metal construction. They are available. Could save an engine from being "cooked".