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Firstly let me apologise for a bit of blatant advertising you’re about to see, If I’ve broken any forum rules or upset the forum owners please remove this post, but hopefully you’ll find the following info helpful with the factory fitted alarm system.

My name is Sam and I run Abacus Car Alarms, amongst other manufacturers we are Main dealers for Meta System Alarms. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of calls from Alfa GTV and Fiat Coupe owners about their factory fitted alarms, namely the Meta M99T or on later cars the M99T2. The fobs are now wearing out and it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain replacement parts. Not to worry in many cases I can help.

Firstly let me say the M99 range of alarms are probably the most reliable devices I have ever come across, I have never seen a faulty control unit unless badly installed or a fault caused by water damage or some other external condition, the sirens can give problems (see below) and the fobs wear out. Sure there not the most sophisticated units around but it does what it says on the box plus its a Thatcham approved device (Thatcham Cat 2 to 1 approval number TC2-1025/0898).

The M99 has no immobiliser circuits so if your having problems starting the car it is nothing to do with the alarm.

Here is a list & fix of the common problems with the alarm.

Remote Fobs:
If a remote fob stops functioning first replace the batteries, if it still does not work it may have gone out of sync with the main alarm ( the fob changes it’s code every time the button is pressed) try re-programming it back into the alarm, to do this you will need a working fob, follow these instructions:

  1. With a working fob arm and disarm the alarm sixteen times or until the alarm stops responding, alarm now in program mode.
  2. Once in program mode press the button of the new remotes(s), press the button of the original remote(s). This must be done within 8 seconds of each action. If 8 seconds pass without any actions the alarm will automatically exit programming mode and you will have to start from step 1.
  3. Wait 8 seconds to exit learning mode.
  4. Test remotes.

Replacement fobs & Cases:
To program a new fob into the M99 brain you need the code card with a 16 digit hexadecimal code number and a working fob, without either it will not be possible to do. However if you send me the alarm brain ( hidden under the centre console in the GTV, behind the fusebox in the drivers footwell in the Coupe) I can re-code it with two new round fobs and a new codecard for future programming. If you have the codecard and a working fob you can order a replacement fob at the link below.
If the fob case is damaged or the button has disintegrated you can order a new round case, unfortunately the square type cases and the rubber parts are no longer available. Everything you want to know about Meta remote fobs can be found at the link below

Siren problems:
The siren is probably the most problematic part of the alarm system, when this goes wrong it can cause some odd alarm conditions, such as going off when arming/disarming or sounding for a few seconds while driving the car, when these condition happen it will be a good chance the siren has become faulty. If the siren sounds for no reason (usually the indicators do not flash) e.g. while driving the car and does no respond to the remote fobs is usually an indication the unit is faulty and needs replacing. The siren for the M99T model (M11A) is no longer available I can supply a replacement siren but you’ll have to run a wire from the alarm to the new siren in the engine bay, on the M99T locate the brown wire which can be found on the larger of the two white plugs, this wire goes ground when the alarm is sounding. If you have the M99T2 fitted sirens are still available (SC1T2) and can still be purchased. Please note both the above sirens are digitally controlled and an aftermarket 12 Volt multi-tone etc type siren will not work with the existing wiring.

I think that's about it for the M99, if you have any questions or queries about this system call me on 0208 677 1999, I probably wont be able to help with other alarm system problems apart from Meta, Autowatch, Selca & Gemel Serpi Star systems.
For more information or to purchase any of the above items click here Abacus Car Alarms

PS By the way anyone ordering from me and mentions this site will get a 10% discount just type Fiat Coupe Forum
with any other relevant information (fob codenumber for example) in the comments section on the checkout page.

Many thanks Sam