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Hi nigel, I know it's a long time ago now, but I see you fitted some hyundai coupe seats into a fiat coupe just wondering if you had any pics of how you fitted them? Did you use the original fiat rails or use the hyundai?

Many thanks

I’ll see if I can find the photos - it wasn’t difficult, just a bit fiddly. The Hyundai seat runners are wider than the Coupe runners, so I made some plates which connected to the Hyundai seats and which then bolted to the Coupe floor mounting points.

Annoyingly, I found that the driver’s and passenger sides of a Coupe are different widths, so the mountings were slightly different from left to right. “Measure twice, drill once” - you should be able to work out how to get them to fit. Just use 5-6mm alloy plate. I used stainless steel and it cost me a fortune in drill bits...

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