Selling FAQ – Read before posting or asking questions about selling

Rules amended 25 may 2017 to reflect the removal of "Trader" user status.

Rules amended 20 August 2017 to reflect the removal of the right to advertise parts from cars bought to be broken up for spares

Rules amended 28 November 2019 to reflect images being posted directly from a user’s device

Rules amended 10 July 2022 to reflect changes in how forum users may advertise.

There are no registered sellers.

Users must be registered on the forum for at least three months before permission will be granted to advertise goods and services in the Marketplace.

Advertisements will be considered on an individual basis

The advert for approval will need to show the following items:

Your forum name :
Real Name :
Address :
Landline or mobile telephone number :
Email address :

Your address will not be shown on the approved advert.
The Club will retain your details in a secure manner and the details will only be released to a complainant in the event that a resolution cannot be otherwise achieved.
It will be deleted after the advert has been removed from the relevant “for sale” forum.
Normally this will be after 2 months.

(NOTE: adverts that do not have all the above information will be declined, and the Club reserves the right to refuse to publish any advert)

Selling Rules

There will be 3 months wait before a newly registered forum user may advertise on the forum

Each advert must be approved by a team comprising moderators + 1 admin dedicated to this task.

Adverts are initially posted in a reserved section of the forum, which is invisible to all but the moderators, and admin team, and moved into the marketplace following approval

Approval will not be instant nor automatic, advertisers must accept that there will be a day or two whilst this takes place.


Good quality photos of each item for sale must be included in every advert. These may be from an external source or images may now be imported from your own device using the “Attachment manager” button. This allows the seller to add up to 10 images, each up to 6mb in size, to their advert.

Content of Adverts

There has to be an agreed amount of information included in each advert, including the advertiser's real name to enable prospective buyers to make their own checks on the seller.

The advertiser may only sell their own goods or those belonging to members of their immediate household.

Lifetime of an Advert

All adverts will be deleted after 2 months after which they will be locked and moved to an archive where they will be visible to users for reference purposes.

Reporting fraud

We ask you to protect fellow users by revealing all info about transactions that have gone wrong, so we can take the necessary action against the abusers.

Amendments to the Selling rules from 20 August2017.

These changes reflect the removal of "Trader" status within the forum.

Changes to the rules for commercial entities and their representatives advertising in the marketplace.

1. Businesses are allowed up to 20 items in an advert. The title must have a generalised idea of what is for sale with the top line of the advert stating what each part is.

2. Adverts by, or on behalf of, commercial entities are to be identified as such at the foot of each advert.

There are also changes affecting all sellers

1. Where relevant, mileages and service history may be disclosed. Opinions about the desirability of the part or its provenance may not.

2. Sellers who are obviously obtaining coupes to break for parts will have their selling permissions removed.

No adverts will be permitted for parts from cars which are, in the view of Moderators or Administrators, being bought specifically to be sold as parts.

If they are genuinely recycling parts from coupes which would otherwise be scrapped and crushed, and can convince the moderators or admin of that fact, then sales of parts from one such car will be allowed each year.
In all cases any parts sold must not come from more than 2 complete cars in a 12 month period

3. No bumping adverts more often than once per week, if someone continues to do this after receiving a warning the advert can be removed immediately.

4. Adverts will be removed 2 months after being published irrespective of whether the goods have been sold.

Adverts for coupes are to be locked and archived after 2 months,

While only provided as a sample, the following templates will get you a very long way:

Template " Coupe for Sale"

SUBJECT: should contain colour, model, year and price

Price: (eg. £ 2.900)
Engine and model: [eg. 2.0 20v Turbo Plus)
Mileage: (eg. 24.000 miles)
Body colour: (eg. Sprint Blue)
Interior colour and material: (eg. Recaro leather black with red stitching)
Manufactured in: (eg. 2000)
# of previous owners: (eg. 2)
MOT / tax until: (eg. December 2029)

Known technical issues: (eg. clutch going, radio not working, central door locking plays up, uses oil,...)

General condition in and out: (eg. small dent driver's door, crack in rear bumper, seat bolsters worn, peeling lacquer on roof and bonnet,...)

Modifications: (eg. Front mount intercooler, GTIR turbo, GTEC-1 chip, LED rear lights, 18" wheels,...)

Pictures: (include at least pictures of body (front, rear, left, right), interior (seats, dashboard) and engine bay) AND the most important damage if applicable (dents, scratches))

My full name: (eg. Klaas De Waele)
Your forum name :
Address :
Landline or mobile telephone number :
Email address :

Template "Part for sale":

SUBJECT: Maximum 5 items per post. Post title should contain the name of all items in the thread. If it doesn't fit inside the subject, start another thread.

Price: (eg. £12, includes delivery to the UK)
Name: (eg. idle control valve)
Compatible with: (eg. all 2.0 20v turbo models)
Age: (eg. original part off a 1997 20vt)
Condition: (eg. random scratches, no cracks)
Shipping: (eg. UK shipping included in price, + €5 to Europe)

Pictures: (AT LEAST 1 picture for a 'generic' part.
For condition-sensitive items (eg. center console) include as many images as possible, but at least 1 from every side. Any damage should be described and visible in the images.)

My full name: (eg. Klaas De Waele)
Your forum name :
Address :
Landline or mobile telephone number :
Email address :

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