Meta Alarm Fob FAQ

UK coupes from about 1997 onwards where generally fitted with Meta Alarms, earlier coupes tended to have Scorpion units

The Meta alarms fitted were either the M99T or the M99T2. The fobs for these two are interchangeable and it is not important which you have when it comes to fob replacement.

From new the car was provided with three sets of keys and two alarm fobs. Also a key for turning off the alarm may have been provided. This was not always the case. Some cars have a key slot in the glove box for disabling the alarm. Also note that this key switch may have been replaced by an airbag deactivation key switch on very late models.

The fobs provide where one of two types:-

Round key fob ( M2500)

Comes in various colours, including a wooden finished version (rare and expensive)
These fobs are very reliable and resilient. However the rubber button can perish. However new fob cases can easily be obtained from various suppliers, especially abacus alarms.

Rectangular Meta Fob (MT100)

This has a single rubber button that has three ridges to it and a rubber lanyard that attaches this to a key ring.
This fob has two distinct problems. The rubber lanyard breaks after about a year.
The rubber button decomposes and loses its shape making depressing of the switch very difficult to the point that it no longer work and has to be removed and the switch pressed with a blunt implement. You may be able to find replacement cases but they will be without the button. These are no longer available with any supplier and Meta has folded so they will not be made again. You can get 2nd hand ones but the buttons will by now be very old and on their way out. There were a few of the rubber button only on ebay, but at £15 PLUS P&P shocked Bottom line is that if you have two rectangular remotes, like I did, then you have problems in store.


This depends upon one key thing. Do you have the meta remote alarm fob red card still?

If the answer to the above is NO, then bad luck. There is a solution, albeit an expensive one. Some car alarm companies (Abacus alarms for example) will re-code you existing alarm box and provide two of the new round remotes along with a red code card for £99. This requires removing the alarm code unit and sending it to them. The trouble with this solution is that there are better modern alarms that could do the same or better job for about the same price.

If the answer is Yes, I do have the code card then you are in luck.
Alarm suppliers can provide new round remotes for you alarm. These range between £25 to £40 fully coded. When you purchase the fob you will be asked for the 16 digit code that is on the red card…make sure you get this right!