Membership FAQ
PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept postal applications, or cheques as a means of payment.

Membership is now an on-line process.
How do I join

Follow this link to the new club website. There is a link at the bottom of the page that takes you to the on-line form for you to fill out. and email. Payment details can also be found on the on-line form.

How much does it Cost

it now costs just £15 a year

How long will it take to get my card

Forms are usually processed during the weekend, however this is a volunteer job so it is not guaranteed to be done then but subject to Royal Mail you should receive your membership within 28 days.

We do not acknowledge receipt of forms or payments, sorry but we just don't have the time frown If you have not received anything within 28 days please email or PM the membership secretary.

If I join in December do I only get 4 months membership

No, we now operate a rolling year membership. So join at any time of the year and get a full year cover

I have joined and had my members pack but cannot see the members area of the forum

PM any of the administration team. This is a manual part of the membership process which can be overlooked when it is busy.

I can now see the members’ area but have not received my member’s pack.

See above: it can take up to 28 days. If you have not heard after this time then please PM the membership secretary, as your pack may have gone missing.

I need to join at short notice, as my insurance/service etc is due.

If needed urgently then PM the membership secretary and they will do their utmost to get you membership number within 48hrs.

What Methods of Payment do you accept.

We accept, in order of preference, Bank Transfer or Paypal to

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept postal applications, or cheques as a means of payment.

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