Barnacle asked some questions in another thread which has prompted me to translate the instructions to all drivers taking part in the open practice sessions at Spa-Francorchamps such as those the club has organised.

They have previously only been available in French and Flemish, which is not a lot of use to most of us here.

Please read them before you take to the track: I will be including a copy with your documentation accompanying your tickets in due course.


Welcome to the FCCUK sessions at Spa-Francorchamps.

Here are some instructions which we ask you to follow when you are on track so that everything will take place under the best conditions possible.

Your number sticker must be displayed in the top right corner of your windscreen. The driver and any passenger must be wearing their helmets and be strapped into the car before presenting themselves at the entrance to the track.

You must always leave the track by taking the F1 pit lane which is situated after the right hand corner after the new chicane: keep right before reaching the right turn of the chicane, put on your indicator and steer towards the pit lane entrance at reduced speed.

This FCCUK session is not a race.
We ask you to enjoy yourselves driving round the circuit without getting into competition with one or more other vehicles. Such driving will result in the organisers banning you from the remainder of the session.

It is important to obey the traffic lights at the end of the pit lane. If there are marshals at the trackside, obey the flags which they show you.

Red: The session is stopped, Complete the lap you are on at reduced speed and enter the pit lane.

Yellow: danger, do not overtake and be very careful.

Waved Yellow: danger, be ready to stop.

Green: end of the danger area.

White: A slow vehicle is on the track.

When you are driving in a straight line or approaching a curve, do not change your line. Another more rapid participant could be about to overtake and could be surprised by any unexpected and unjustified changes of direction.

Such manoeuvres as fish-tailing or forcing another participant towards the edge of the track are totally forbidden and will result in immediate exclusion of the driver responsible.

In case of a breakdown, park your car off the track, as close as possible to the wire mesh barriers. A breakdown truck will come and find you.

If the lights across the track in front of the grandstands are red, this means that the session is finished or temporarily interrupted for safety reasons. Complete the lap you are on at reduced speed and enter the pit lane.

Always obey the instructions of the marshals and of circuit officials.

All the team at SpaItalia hope that you have an excellent time on track at Spa-Francorchamps.

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