My little story about this motor rebuilt. Please forgive the poor English since it is not my native language.

It is a Broom Yellow 16V NA bought used in 2012, body number 024621, VIN 24894 and made in May 31,1995.

The old owner was a friend that died that year and the widow offered the car to myself in order to pay some funeral expenses.
In a moment I relucted since I am quite old with health problems to start another project (already adapted a turbo in a 1993 Tipo in the 90's).
Moreover, the owner really didn't care about the car so, with 140000km, the motor was completely destroyed.
No compression, oil leaks everywhere, rust almost in any steel parts, cocked wires under the hood and so on.
Anyway, the body (not the interior, sadly) was in excellent condition because it lived all the way in a covered park slot.
Well, in short, I bought the car...

I did some very amateur short YouTube videos and slideshow of 2013, the year of the rebuilt and I would like to share with you guys so this can be a incentive to others to do the same.

Replaced suspension rear and front principal parts, restored brakes to the factory standard and, of course, new tyres and wheels.

The leather interior (it's a Plus model like any other sold in Brazil) completely redone, including the steering wheel.
Among other things, sorted out all dashboard wiring removing redundant non-original alarms (yes, two), restored infrared central locking FOB and receiver and replaced the burned panel clock.

Removed dashboard chronic intermittences like meters hands swinging back and forth and blinking or not functional panel lamps (photo).
The top of motor block and head refaced and honed.
Everything new, camshafts, crankshaft, valves, pumps, alternator, radiator and its blower and so on.
The compression was increased to 10.5 from 9.5 since the fuel is way better today (Brazilian engine low compression made for poor quality fuel at the time it was sold).

That problematic air-conditioned ECU sit over windscreen water reservoir completely redone.
Removed its flexible printed circuit totally corroded by water and redone connections with conventional wires (photos).
A task very easy to do and I recommended effusively.

I did many other things and will post as soon my memory allows.
Comments and questions are welcome in the appropriate post.
Thank you for looking.

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