Hey everyone,

I would like to introduce my newly acquired project, i have been in the market for a 90's sports car for a while and as the nice examples are getting harder and harder to find i was struggling to find one.
Then i got a call from a good friend of mine who knows i love a random car purchase and offers me this Mot failure Fiat coupe 20vt.
I was elated, rushed down there and sorted a deal out on the car.

The car is a 2 owner car, possibly a ex dealer car as the last owner was since 2000 and the car is a 1999, it's been to the same garage every year for the last 15 or so years and had extensive maintenance so
mechanically its well maintained, just wish i could say the same about the body.

Bodywork is the main focus as its quite well battled i think is the best way of putting it laugh

I am a youtuber in my spare time and usually create videos helping others repair and maintain audi tt mk1's, now im also going to be documenting the coupe project on the channel as i feel the internet needs more 20vt coupe videos haha if you would like to check the channel out its My YouTube channel

So first jobs are of course give the car a full once over and make a list of what needs doing besides the obvious bodywork,

The reasons it failed the Mot
Poor rear brake efficiency so it needs rear calipers & hand brake cables as they are seized / tired.

So that's where i'll be starting, will report back shortly with what i find

Thanks Dom

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Blue 20v Turbo
Handfuls of mk1 Tt’s