Price: £3000
Engine and model: 2.0 20v Turbo
Mileage: 103,000 miles
Body colour: Red
Interior colour and material: Original black leather
Manufactured in: 1998
# of previous owners: 2
MOT / tax until: 22/10/24

Known technical issues: Suspected crack in the exhaust manifold, intermittent seatbelt sensor issue and passenger window is a bit weak rolling back up.

General condition in and out: leather seats are worn and cracked, small chips in paint on the bonnet with some rust on the front drivers side, bumper has some chips and cracks and lacquer is pealing on the passenger door. Last year: Secondhand fuel injector, secondhand Mass Airflow Sensor (MAS), New rear tyres, new air filter, New outboard CV joint driverside and new outboard cv boot passengerside, new top mounts on both front suspension struts. This year: New rear brake pads and disks, new inboard cv boot driverside, new drop links both sides, oil change. 3

Modifications: Widget, Strut Brace and Stainless steel exhaust

Pictures: (include at least pictures of body (front, rear, left, right), interior (seats, dashboard) and engine bay) AND the most important damage if applicable (dents, scratches))

My full name: Ryan Mark Gunnar Gregory

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