Thanks to many on the forum, (and especially petep) for information / advice on dampers, I have just fitted a set of Bilsteins (from Alternative Autos) to standard springs on my 20Valve Turbo.

What a transformation to ride & handling, potholes are hardly noticed and the whole car feels very taut. I found this particularly interesting as I was replacing some newish ones (Gabriel / Sachs also from AA) that had improved things when I replaced the originals last year (at 90,000 mls).

Now of course, I have a set of virtually new dampers for sale - Ebay here I come. \:\)

Next mod is a set of HIDs - on their way from TurboRevs.

Once again, thanks to all those who contribute to the Forum - it makes owning a great car even better (and less frustrating or costly !).