The forum demands that anyone looking to sell anything on the forum provides their full contact details before they are allowed to post.

There are many hundreds of sellers registered and it is simply impossible and unreasonable to expect the forum Admin team to check them all out.

Recently, there have been a few instances of sellers not delivering, after taking money from members. The forum Mod and Admin teams are as annoyed about this as the buyers are, but short of performing home visits, there is realistically nothing we can do.

Therefore, you should take the utmost care when sending money to a seller that you do not know, or who hasn't been registered for long.

Some tips to avoid being ripped off

1) Only buy from people that have sold successfully before
2) Check out sellers' previous posts and their history
3) Ask previous buyers about their transaction
4) ask the seller for their personal contact details BEFORE sending money - they have already supplied them to us, so they shouldn't need to withhold
5) Use Paypal - OK, there's a charge, but at least you can file a dispute if your deal turns sour. NOTE:- Some sellers will ask for a Paypal payment as a gift, in order to avoid charges, but we understand that the ability for the buyer to file a dispute after the sale is lost - if your seller demands payment as a gift it's either because a) They are a bit tight or b) they don't want you to be able to file a dispute afterwards. FCCUK's recommendation is to use Paypal correctly for your own protection. To make sure the seller receives the amount of money he asks, use this Paypal fee calculator to see how much to send.
6) Arrange for the seller to put the item on Ebay, then you'll get the protection of an Ebay transaction
7) arrange to complete the transaction face-to-face
8) if 7) isn't possible due to distance, consider asking a forum regular to receive the item for you, direct from the seller - many members will be happy to help out

There's lots you can do to protect yourself

the forum or FCCUK cannot accept responsibility for a failed transaction, although we can assure all members that when a transaction goes wrong, we will do everything in our power to help rectify it, even if this involves dealing with the police.

Additionally, the forum, Club and Moderator / Admin team cannot be expected to vouch for the suitability or merchantable quality of any items that are offered for sale. Its YOUR responsibility to make sure that what you are buying is correct. Quite simply, don't blame us if the £5 resistor you bought that promised a gain of 30bhp turns out to give a loss of 30bhp and wrecks your engine. Don't blame us if the secondhand parts you bought turn out to be, well, secondhand. We're happy for you to contact us if there's been a blatant attempt at hiding the truth, but otherwise, buying cars, parts or anything else through the forum is a VERY clear case of "caveat emptor"

Thankfully, the vast majority of forum sales are between trustworthy individuals with a common interest in Coupes and are completely honest. Unfortunately, there's always going to be a very small minority that make it difficult for the rest of us.

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