I realise this isn't the ideal size but it is for race rubber and I have little chioce

I have the 330mm brake conversion so 17" is the smallest wheel I can run for race rubber and they don't make narrow low profile stuff, well at least it isn't available here.

I have a choice of 225/45x17 or 235/40x17 in toyo R888, there is no 225/40 or narrower in a 17"

a 235/40x17 is smaller overall and i believe 225/45 will touch at times on the inner guards (not the best for race rubber) the 235 are lower but I am worried about inner guard rub, so anyone run these

Also my race rims are 17x7.5, anyone got pics of this, does it pinch the tyre too much as it is likely half an inch too narrow