well as most know the problems ive had/found with my coupe.

this is how i got the car. i was very happy at this point..

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then added black wheels and standard bumper smile

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then whilst doing a service we decided to do a compression test to make sure everything was ok.

thats the point where "sh*t" hit the fan frown

i then had the option of a costly rebuild, or i could get another engine.

i opted for another engine, so i purchased this laugh

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i did consider just repainting this one but the roofs twisted and panels dont match, so thought best to stick with the original plan.

so so far the car as it is, ive done my audio setup and fitted dash rings with drilled air box.

the car is useable for now but it runs dog rough.

the engine will be changed asap and il put up full photo documentation of it for you guys to see smile

thats all for now smile


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