My previous front tyres were Michelins but they were down to around 2mm. They passed MOT but were overdue for a swap. Grip in the wet was non-existent even spinning the wheels in 4th occasionally!

I had other seemingly unrelated problems too - my steering wheel was about 5 degrees off centre to the left and the wheel would shake in my hand quite disconcertingly (rog investigated and suggested tracking).

I went to the tyre centre yesterday and had some Pirelli P6000s fitted. I know these are not the best but I got them for £85 barely used (for the pair) from this forum. I then swapped them to the rear of the car and moved my existing rears to the front.

My front tyres now then are Contis and the diffence is epic. Superb grip in the wet, much better steering feel (even at speed on the straight-ahead that vague feeling you get has been replaced by a confidence inspiring graininess). Best of all, there was no need for tracking because with the newer tyres the wheel is straight and the wobble has gone! Amazing that some old but decent brand tyres can cause so much trouble and still be legal.

These contis (not even new, they've done at least 7000 miles) are by far the best front tyres I have tried on a coupe. I've had 3 coupes over the years and tried Bridgestones, Pirellis and Michelins - no contest. Get some.